Favorite Quotes and Lyrics #2

“Our Words are weapons, they are our shields
Our Words are weapons, fist by fucking fist.”
-Funeral for a Friend, High Castles

Funeral For a Friend are a band that will always be close to my heart, I’ve loved them since I first picked up Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation at the age of 14/15 (10 years ago now!).  They have now dropped in popularity since then but there latest album Conduit is, for me, there best album since Hours.  It’s good to hear them with a heavier sound once more and I honestly don’t think this album has received the recognition it should have.  

This quote is taken from my current favourite song from this new album High Castles , to be honest I nearly quoted the whole song, I don’t think its as effective picking out individual lines, but I did it settled on this. Its a song about language and relationships so it’s an obvious choice for me.

Expect to see Funeral for a Friend lyrics for me in the future for this project, I think at times they can be practically poetic.  Check out the song here and if you like it make sure you pick up the album!


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