OOTD; #1 Spikey Summer

I swear my face isn’t actually an Iphone cover

Here is my not so summer, summer outfit from a museum trip I went on yesterday.  Don’t expect a lot of these from my blog as I’m really not fashion conscious, and this happened largely by accident.  I wasn’t wearing make up (I only wear it on a night out or a “lunch with the girls” kind of event)  so I didn’t see any point in documenting it.

Clockwise from top left: Dress: £9.99 Ark, Creepers (borrowed from sister) £30.00 Ark, Headband £1.00 Poundland, Back of dress, Studs on the top half, dress “in action” at the museum teamed with a sexy WW2 tin helmet!

I’m going to start by apologising  for the state of my roots, I have a wedding coming up in 3 weeks and I am determined not to touch my hair until then, meaning I have hideous roots and a distinct lack of pinkness!  The headband is from Poundland, who would have thought!  The one in my hometown actually does a decent line of headbands and books.

This dress is flattering and comfortable, I got it last week from Sheffield in the Ark sale, I’m a definite wear shape and this fits me in all the right places.  The only thing that put me off was the back, the cut out makes it imposable to wear a bra and I’m not a girl who can go without.  I hate clear straps (they always discolour and are generally uncomfortable) so I sucked it up and just wore a black bra.  The mistake I made was wearing this on a day that i thought wouldn’t be that hot.  I bought it for nights out but seeing as I have none of those coming up in the near future I got fed up and wore it, let me tell you, lycra and latex is not a good idea on a warm humid day!

That is all for now, I will be blogging about the museum mentioned in this post soon and I have plenty of other posts lined up.  Happy reading! 🙂


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