The Great Gatsby bar, Sheffield

Last week I finally got a chance to visit this beautiful looking bar I’d been eyeing up on my trips to Sheffield for several months.  It’s called The Great Gatsby and it’s a 1920’s themed cocktail bar.

Row 1 L-R- the front the bar, a snippet of the artwork inside, my sister waiting for her food to arrive
Row 2 L-R- funky looking lamps, some of the furniture inside, bar from the side
Row 3 L-R- making cocktails at the bar just look at all those spirits!, looking out of the window, condiments basket

It is predominantly a cocktail bar but it also serves food and even has a beard garden (yes you read that right).  It should be painfully hipster and pretentious however I am happy to say the atmosphere when I attended with my sister a week ago was very relaxed and friendly.  It was around 6pm on a weekday so it wasn’t in party mode just yet.

The decor of the venue was beautiful, I would describe it as art deco with a modern twist.

Clockwise from top- My sisters bean burger with chips and coleslaw, empty plate, my peppermint tea

We only went in for food and a soft drink.  However I chose not to eat as the menu is limited, selling only pies, pizzas and burgers and not suitable for my diet (i’m currently on the slimming world program).  My sister is a vegetarian and quickly settled on a bean burger along with a water and I ordered a peppermint tea.  The food prices were pretty reasonable and my sister reassures me the food was delicious, my tea was pretty tasty too, as far as tea goes.

Now the main focus of this bar is cocktails and although I didn’t have any on this occasion there were people ordering some at the bar and they looked amazing, really unique.  The video below of how they make one of there signature cocktails, it will give you some idea of the general theming too.

This is defiantly a place I’d come back to, i think Amy would love it so we will have to work at checking it out together some time 🙂  I sugest you check out the website here for the menu, cocktail list and other infomation


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