The Cruxshadows and Bad Pollyanna

Last week I was lucky enough to catch The Cruxshadows live in Sheffield supported by Bad Pollyanna.  I knew very little about either of these bands before I turned up, but I trust the venue promoters so thought I’d give it a go and I’m so glad I did.  I though I would pass the bands on for you guys to listen to and hopefully enjoy!

First up the main support, Bad Pollyanna.  

They are a true mix of styles and I was struggling how to describe it, luckily I found there facebook which describes them as: “Alternative pop rock with an industrial edge and a gothic twist”.  There really is something for everyone, a lot of there songs sound totally different from one another and it was a really refreshing change, if that isn’t enough the lead singer Olivia has an incredible voice.  Check out there new single here: 
Which you can download for free! here

Next up the headline act, The Cruxshadows.  

The Cruxshadows are an American Darkwave band who are firmly in the category “how” whenever I told people in the industrial/goth scene that I didn’t know any of there stuff.  I really did feel kind of silly for not discovering these sooner.  The lead singer Rouge has so much stage presence, they really stood out for me amongst similar bands I’ve seen for this reason.  Also they had a way of making simple stage effects look really good (using torches and chairs).  Frankly these shouldn’t have worked but they really did and it really added to the performance.  Here is one of my favourite songs from the night:

I hope you give them both a listen and let me know what you think positively or negatively.  You never know, you might have just found a whole new genre 🙂


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