Day Out in London

I have had a lot going on in my personal life this week and its the same next week, so i appolagise for my relative quietness.  Hopefully mid-week I’ll have some kind of normality back and I can relax a bit and get back to writing.  Anyway, Boyface live in Hertford so when I went to visit him recently we decided to spend the day in London.  First up we visited the Natural History Museum
Clockwise from top: Natural History Museum building, Boyface inside the earth, outside the planet room
We did manage to spot this out of date error, many places in the space area still listed Pluto as a plannet!
We didn’t get round all of it before it shut unfortunately, but we did get time to check out the insect rooms, the blue whale, the space parts and of course the dino’s
After this we walked into Soho because I wanted to try my first bubble tea.  We soon found the Bubbleology cafe and after some deliberation I chose coconut milk bubble tea with tapioca and mango bursting purls, Boyface had apple tea with tapioca and strawberry bursting purls (i think).  To be honest I didn’t think i’d be a fan, I was worried I’d be expecting it to taste like milkshake and it would actually taste like an unsweetened cold fruit tea (I was clearly over thinking this!).  Anyway I loved it, i’d would definably stick with the milk based teas rather then the fruit ones, they are very sweet but I’ve got a sweet tooth so that’s fine by me, you can order half sugar if you prefer.  The cafe itself is science lab themed which I liked, complete with staff in lab coats and “geek” glasses, the prices were totally reasonable, I’ll defiantly be back.
Afterwards we went to meet with my sister for a drink in Leicester Square then on to Chiquitos for food.  I had a cosmopolitan, boy had beer and we both had some tasty Mexican.  I had fajitas and boy had pulled pork wraps, super tasty.
Later we went to loading bar, a cafe that lets you play video games.  No photos here unfortunately as  we were in the basement area and it was pretty small.  We had game based cocktails while playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox, there ware various consoles and arcade machines but you couldn’t choose where you sat so depending where you were seated depends what you played, so this was a little irritating but the selection of games were good and the drinks were ok.  It was a little too marrow to be comfortable in the basement area (having a guy press his crotch into my back every time he tried to get past was not fun) and some of the equipment was faulty but its an interesting concept.  I think if i came mid week and were sat somewhere upstairs I would probably have enjoyed it more.
So that was our day, we left for the train home before midnight happy and very sleepy.  Does anyone have any unusual things to do in London for me to check out?  I’d love to know about it 🙂

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