Kariss Craves: Disney Couture….

Or do I?  Truth be told Disney Couture is a bit of an enigma for me, in theory I should love it.  I mean, I love all things Disney, especially Alice in Wonderland, and although I don’t tend to wear it very often, most of the jewellery I own has some kind of character on it.  However I was surprised to find I wasn’t as over joyed as I thought with much of the line.
When I had the idea for this section I was excited to start scouring online for all the lovely pieces I could dream of calling me own, however I stumbled across a few problems.  My first issue is the fact there seems to be an emphasis on gold jewellery, something i personally dislike (the colour not the metal, I am fine with white gold) and there are so many pieces I know I’d love if only it wasn’t in that colour.  Secondly i believe much of it is over priced, although most of my jewellery is from the kid section at Clare’s Accessories, (no really) and I am, admittedly, drawn towards cheap, plastic and colourful pieces on the whole, I have no issue with paying for quality.  However some of the pricing here seems ridiculous, I saw a plastic fake pearl Minnie necklace similar to one I’ve bought for no more then a few pounds, costing almost £150!  And another layered red plastic bead necklace, really nothing special, that costs nearly £500!  Finally I find some of the choices tacky.  Like I said, I love Alice in Wonderland but I find most of the related jewellery predictable and cheap looking.  Dog tags with “Alice” written on or bracelets full of of keys are both unoriginal and can be found much cheaper elsewhere.  Another thing I found strange is that Disney Couture seems to be much harder to find generally these days, both online and in the high street.
There are, of course, things I do like.  There are a lot of items I appreciate but wouldn’t wear myself as there not my style or I simply wouldn’t pay so much money for.  Here are a couple of my favourite items:


Icon Tinkerbell beaded Crystal Acorn Bracelet, £59 from Zentosa 
Have Faith in Your Dreams bangle, £27.99 from jukupop, (available in other colours on various websites)
Think of a Wonderful Thought bangle, £25.00 from Truffleshuffle (available in other colours from various websites)
Twitterpaited bangle, £31.99 from Ebay (available in other colours from various websites)
Alice in Wonderland Eat Me, Drink Me bracelet, £64.99 Ebay 
I think of all the collections I’ve looked at, the bangles are the thing I’d be most likely to buy, there reasonably subtle and you can get them in different colours so it would be a nice contrast.  I’m loving bottle greens at the moment with it being autumn so the Twitterpaited bangle is my favourite, I think the other bracelets are nice but the price is unjustifiable, especially the Tinkerbell beaded bracelet, which is cute but fairly cheap looking and defiantly not worth the heavy price tag.


Villains Red Chrystal Poisoned Apple Snow White ring,  £35.97 from ebay
Tinkerbell Believe ring, 21.97 from Amazon

I only have one ring, it’s one I got with the money my Granddad gave me when he died, I hardly ever wear it because its white gold and i’ve worn it to work a couple of times and had to have it reshaped due to some mishaps with set and stage weights,  I am too scared to loose it by taking it off and on, so i’ve not been wearing it recently.  However I am starting a new career soon, an office job no less!  So I can start wearing them again, so these are a good place to start, as I said before i don’t like gold coloured jewellery but the silver version of the Snow White ring has a black apple on top so i’d prefer this version with it’s eye catching red.


Gold Plated “Who Are You?” necklace and earrings, £21.00 from Ebay
Black And White Enamelled Minnie Bow necklace, £67.50 from Amazon

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach Locket necklace, £6.80 Amazon
Carosel necklace, £7.80 from Amazon 
Junkyard Mickey pendant,  £137.47 from Amazon 

Well the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite characters so I couldn’t resist putting this in here even if it is gold, as its hard to find things with this character on.  I wouldn’t wear the earrings as I don’t have pierced ears but I still think it’s cute.  This one, the pumpkin and the carousel are all massively reduced at the moment so if your interested, I’d check them out quickly!  The bow is cute and the Junkyard is very cool and unusual but again, price is an issue.

So there you are, I hope you don’t mind my moaning!  I’m just trying to be honest, and it’s all a question of taste to be honest.  Do you like any of these?  Or do you have other Disney Couture items you love?  I’d love to hear about them

Kariss x


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