Kariss Craves: Sugarpill

Now I don’t wear make up very often, and i wear eyeshadow even less.  To be totally honest I don’t know what I’m doing with it and tend to just stay away unless it’s covering my lids in a chunk of black glitter eyeshadow for my goth/ rock nights (I use Petrol Black by Barry M  if your interested).  Inventive? no, easy? yes, although somehow I still manage to get it all over my face.

I do own the Alice in Wonderland palette by Urban Decay (simply because its Alice in Wonderland so I couldn’t not own it) and the Smokin Eyes palette from Benefit and that’s it.  Most of the colours in the Alice in Wonderland palette didn’t really interest me (and I still have no clue what to do with them, outside of covering my lids in one colour like a 12 year old, I am clueless) So the only colours I used were the black and white.  The Benefit palette came with foolproof instructions and yet somehow I never could quite get the hang of it, once more, i only really made a dint in the black.  Also I have a confession, in a recent attempt to try something different (and heavily influenced by my industrial gothic ladies whose bright makeup always looks amazing and immaculate) I have used hair chalk on my lids, pink eye chalk to be exact.  Although this did occasionally look successful it did not look so great the nest day when I had suspicious looking pink stained lids (it does not come off!) 

That being said I’ve started seeing Sugarpill cosmetics around increasingly and I think i’m in love!  The pigments are incredible, so bright!  I’ve seen so many pictures of people looking amazing using them that it’s really inspired me and hey, it might make me brave enough to actually give them ago!  I can no way afford these anytime soon but here are some of the colours i’d love to get my hands on.  Anyway, a girl can dream…..

First up, a few of my favourite pressed eyeshadows 

Velocity pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Mochi pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Poison Plum pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Dollipop Pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Midori pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Afterparty pressed eyeshadow $12.00

Sugarpill do four palettes, all $34.00 and the colours from this one appeal to me the most.

Sweetheart Palette $34.00 (right picture from I am nymphette )

Next up the thing i’m most excited about, glittery loose shadows, what’s not to love!

Birthday girl loose eyeshadow $12.00
Tipsy loose eyeshadow $12.00
Weekender loose eyeshadow $12.00
Decora loose eyeshadow $12.00
Goldilux loose eyeshadow $12.00 (right picture from maliberry makeup) 
Hysteric loose eyeshadow $12.00
Royal Sugar loose eyeshadow $12.00
Starling loose eyeshadow $12.00
Tiara loose eyeshadow $12.00
They do loose eyes shadow sets containing some of my favourites from above too
Left- Atomic loose eyeshadow trio containing Lumi, Decora and Royal Sugar  $30.00
Right- Frostbitten loose eyeshadow trio containing Birthday Girl, Tiara and Darling $30.00

And finally, Sugarpills newest and brightest collection Elektro Cute, I’ve seen some samples of these on and they seem amazing, could have been made for me! the only colour i’d be unsure of is the yellow
Elektro cute, clockwise from top right: Hellatronic neon pigment, Hi-Viz neon pigment, Love Buzz neon pigment, Sparkage neon pigment, Supercharged neon pigment.  All $16.00

So that’s all of it!  As you can tell I really struggled to choose, and this was after I “banned” myself from looking at blacks and whites.  It would seem i really want some blues and pinks, but there all beautiful how could I ever choose!  There a tutorials online so I might actually be able to achieve some of these looks (I can dream).  Heres to hoping I get a decent job sometime soon so I can treat myself to some crazy colour!


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