OOTD: Wedding addition

This summer I had my first ever friend wedding, a true sign I’m getting old!  My collage friend Steve and his lovely lady Kayleigh were due to get married in my home town at the end of august.  I also got invited to be a plus one to my boyfriends close friend’s wedding in July in Devon.

I haven’t been to a wedding since my early teens and after been scorned by my mum at the idea of wearing a dress I already had (i’m so not aware of these girl rules!) I decided it was time to head to the shops.  My mum agreed to buy me the dress as I am “between jobs” at the moment and strapped for cash, so the dress hunt was on!  I had a quick look online to get some idea to what your supposed to wear to these kind of events, then I let the trekking commence!  After a full day of shopping with no luck I had a brain wave, I’d seen a dress online weeks earlier but couldn’t justify it, now I had the perfect chance, even if it wasn’t traditional wedding guest wear.  So here it is:

Top Left: White wicker bag, from Ebay (originally Primark) £4.99,
Top right and bottom left: Melanie dress by Hell Bunny in Green, from www.Rockabillypinup.co.uk £42.50,
Bottom right: Green bow headband from a set (including matching hair bobbles and hair grips) from Tammy Girl £1.00
Centre: Limited Collection open toe and strap sandals,  from Marks and Spencer £15.00

So there you have it, I LOVE the dress, plus its defiantly one I would wear again without having to be at a formal occasion and it meant I could keep my own style.  I also had to keep in mind my bright pink hair and thought this vintage mint green colour would be perfect.  The shoes matched so well and were rather comfortable at the first wedding but hell at the second (don’t ask me why but after 20 mins I was begging for my flats, they cut me rather badly).  The purse I had actually owned previously in a darker colour and after a lot of hunting I managed to find it in white (i couldn’t find another white bag that could fit my flats in that wasn’t patent and tacky, plus this fits the vintage feel).  Finally the headband, I wanted something that complemented the dress and although I originally wanted a fascinator or something fancy and vintage I was very aware of the fact that the only person I knew at the first wedding would be my other half so I didn’t want to wear anything that would draw too much attention to myself, so I went for something simple.  I stumbled across this headband with matching hair bobbles and hair grips for a bargin £1.00 from Tammy Girl, yes it is made for a child but I have a tiny head so whose going to know.

So the first wedding:
I didn’t manage to get any pictures till the evening and no full length photos, sorry about that.  The morning was a bit of a mad rush with the Mr getting ready to be bridesmaid (yes you read that right!) so i forgot my belt and my makeup makeup became a bit rushed.  I had bought some super cheap own brand hair tongs from Superdrug for £9.99 to curl my hair with and managed to convince Mr to curl it for me.  However by the time these photos were taken the curls had dropped out (I forgot hairspray) and my make up had all but faded. It was a very fun day 🙂
Then onto the second wedding:
I actually managed to get a full length picture, admittedly it was taken in the bathroom of the pub across the road from the wedding venue but I never claimed to be sophisticated!  I kept my hair strait this time mainly because there was no one home when I was getting ready to give me a hand.  Other then then that not a lot changed other then me actually remembering my belt this time!  Also these photos made me realise how bad my posture is!
So there you have it, the girl who can’t dress herself managed to dress herself…just about.  What do you think?  appropriate wedding attire? any tips for the future, drop me a comment and let me know 🙂


  1. Anonymous
    September 25, 2013 / 9:57 am

    where did u get the dress its gorgeous

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