Review: 2D Cartoon Bag

A few months ago I was in the queue for the cinema when I noticed a young teenager with an eye-catching bag.  It was a bag that looked totally 2D and cartoon like, but it could clearly hold things inside.  It really messed with my head and I couldn’t help but stare, tapping my friend to get him to look too, he was mesmerised.  Unfortunately I lost sight of her and felt annoyed I hadn’t had chance to go over and ask where she got it from.  A few hours later I was scouring the internet and after some disappointment (it seemed to be sold out in lots of places) I finally tracked one down in the style and colour I wanted at little shabby chic boutique
Clockwise from top left: front when flat, side when flat, side when opened out, back pocket, front when opened out, inside
It was on sale, down from £24.95 to £17.95, so I quickly snapped up a bargain.  It arrived quickly and I couldn’t wait to try it out!  Even in person this can still mess with your head, the trick of the eye that makes it look 2D is really well done.  I was worried when i discovered the zip pocket on the back, as I thought this was the only storage area and although I know storage is limited due to the 2D design, I couldn’t fit more then a miniature notebook and pen in!  However I soon discovered that the front flap opened just like a regular satchel bag to where the main storage area is.  This is credit to the design that I thought it was just for show, it looks so unreal!  This offers more room, enough for an average sized book, purse and a few other small necessities, about the same a small handbag.  
In short, I love it, I love the design and the style, it’s really unique.  The only negative aspect is that it’s kind of fiddley.  In order to create the effect, the bag is actually a kind of triangle shape it you look at it from the side, meaning it can be awkward trying to get things out in a rush, as it is tighter at the top.  It also makes it kind of difficult to see what your looking for inside.  The worst part is the zip pocket at the back, that is so tight it’s difficult to fit anything useful in and very hard to get anything in or out easily, it seems like a bit of an unnecessary feature.  I still think it’s worth it for the cool design but it wouldn’t use it as an everyday bag.  
Unfortunately the bag I bought isn’t on the website anymore (I have been meaning to get round to this post for a while) but there are bags in the same design but different colours or slightly differently designs.  There all 30% off at the moment so defiantly worth checking out if this catches your eye, if your interested you can check them all out here.  So what do you think?  Would you wear something like this?  Do you think it’s cool or a bit gimmicky?  Share your thoughts bellow, I’d love to hear them.
Kariss x

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