Review: Turtlemeter Bath Toy Thermometer

My lovely friend Clare has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl.  At the same time I was contacted by the great people at Ozari to see if I wanted to review some of there products for them, so this turtle bath toy and thermometer jumped strait out to me, as I thought it would be really useful for her! 
It arrived quickly through a delivery service and was very well packaged, no chance of any damage!  On top of that I was very impressed with the packaging of the thermometer itself.  At first when I saw the blister package I panicked, preparing myself for some intense wrestling and cut fingers.  However when I opened it I realised it actually was designed to just pop open, total relief!  Especially if your trying to juggle a baby ( I was not, I have enough trouble trying to remember everything to get myself ready for a bath!)
It works so simply, all you do is put it in the bath.  That is literally it!  No messing with batteries or switches, you put it in water and it immediately turns itself on and gives you an accurate temperature reading.  I did film this to show just how quickly it works but unfortunately it wouldn’t upload properly,  so you’ll just have to believe me when i say it’s instantaneous.  Just to make things even easier its colour coded (red for too hot, green for right temperature, blue for too cold) so even if your having a serious case of new mummy brain you will be able to tell with ease that the temperature is comfortable for your little one.  It tests the temperature every second too so theres no chance of them sitting in a cold bath.
Cool technical bits aside this makes a cute, fun bath toy that I’m sure ever child will enjoy playing with.  Its durable and can be completely submerged without issue (yes despite being 25 i got in the bath with this and fully tested it out!).  It would make a great gift this holiday season or a perfect baby shower present as it’s not something people would naturally think of to buy for a new mum.  It usually retails for £19.99 but its currently available for £9.99 heree.
This product was sent to me for review, this does not effect my views on the product.  All opinions are my honest and my own

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