Guest Post: Outfit Ideas – Keeping Alternative in the Office

Hi my name is Amy Marie & I work for Scarlett Fashion. My lovely bestie Kariss has allowed me to guest post on her blog today, because she’s so nice like that! Scarlett Fashion is an online boutique that sells an assortment of pieces from smaller brands. We often run competitions for bloggers and enjoy working closely with them. 
I thought i’d share with you a fashion related post today that I hope Kariss’ readers will enjoy. It’s about how to keep an alternative style while working an office 9-5 job. I’m so proud of Kariss who has recently taken on that sort of job, which I find super strange imagining her in a smart clothes as she’s always been my multicoloured haired friend who wears corsets to go clubbing. But of course, people from all walks of life work all sort of jobs so there must be a happy medium! So today I’ve put together an outfit that could keep Kariss’ style of quirky, alternative, nerd girl and not upset her boss! 
There aren’t many places that sell them, but I can’t express how much I adore 200 denier tights. They are the closest things you can get to leggings, without being tights.. in fact.. they’re actually more opaque than some pairs of leggings! They hide a multitude of sins, short skirts, unshaven legs. They a really are a perfect addition to any work place outfit. Speaking of short skirts (although, granted no inappropriately) the dress i’ve chosen that really looks like it would suit Kariss’ style is this gorgeous Scallop Dress by Sugarhill Boutique. Sugarhill is one of my personal favourite brands and they really do have the right amount of quirkiness without loosing the grown up feel. There are few reasons why I’ve gone for this particular dress, one is the cut. The shift style is very flattering. Secondly, the collar keeps it looking like work wear and finally, apart from myself, Kariss is the biggest Alice in Wonderland fan I know.. in fact, it’s quite possible she’s bigger. The blue and cream of this dress really does scream Alice to me. If you are going along a different route from the bog standard, blouse and suit route, why not skip the blazer as well? A simple black cardigan can really do the trick like this one from New Look, that also comes in many different colours should you like the style but want to match it with more outfits. It’s a great price at £9.99. To go along with the Alice in Wonderland theme, this Falling Alice necklace from Truffle Shuffle will look really cute tucked under the collar of the dress. With it being gold it looks smart but the design is still very much quirky. Trying to find smart shoes when smart isn’t really your “thing” can be difficult, thankfully Dr Martin does have some simple styles that will work well in a office, like the Sophie T-Bars! And you’ll be able to wear them out of work too! Finally, the bag. The bag is still very kawaii, but it’s a satchel and the blue will go well with the dress. It’s the Magic Panda Love Satchel and hey, if we’re being grown up with the rest of the outfit, why not have something a little out there with a handbag? It’s not like i’m suggesting you put a huge bow in your hair! 

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