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Normally I am pretty good with money, as I’ve just started my new career I’m not on a lot but I still put half my wages into savings, pay my parents board money then I just have enough to live on till the next pay day.  It’s not an exciting life but I get by, however this month when my money came through I put half into my savings and then went crazy!  I am paying for it now, a month till payday and I am already my overdraft, it looks like I will be doing very little this month!  However I did get lots of pretty things I have wanted for ages, so no regrets! 🙂

Illamasqua skin base foundation, £27.00

I have been using Macs Studio Sculpt foundation for years now but I needed something that matched my skin tone better, I’d been back to the mac counter but they had nothing. I was recommended this by someone with a similar skin tone to me (olive but pale aka yellow) we can be had to cater for!  I’m really looking forward to seeing if it lives up to what I’ve heard.

Barry M wink marker pen eyeliner, £4.59

An old favourite.  This is perfect for me as I am not great with liquid eyeliner and this works just like a pen, it’s pretty much fool proof which can come in handy….
Revlon powder blush in haute pink, £7.99
I wanted a new pink toned blush as the one I have been using for years was starting to look too dark and sort of orange toned on me.  I had wanted to get one from Nars as I had heard great things about them but I couldn’t find a shop that sold them so I settled for this instead.  It seem’s like just the shade I was looking for. 

Benefit fake up, £18.50

Well being a blogger I couldn’t really get away from hearing about fake up, this stuff has been on every blog going for months!  It’s had great reviews so I stuck it in the back of my mind for when my concealer ran out but as it was Mac’s Studio Finish concealer this was never going to happen.  I’d already had it years and hardly made a dip!  However I lost it so now was the perfect time to try something new!

Revlon colourburst matte balm in Shameless, £7.99

This was the only thing I didn’t have in mind when I went shopping.  while I was at the illimasqua stand looking at foundation and watching my friend try out some eyebrow stuff I found the most perfect purple lipstick (I stupidly didn’t take note of the name but I think it was Kontrol guessing from some pictures I’ve seen online).  However I didn’t want to pay full price for a colour I couldn’t wear too often and I don’t wear lipstick much anyway so I left it.  However my friend found this later, stuck it on me and I was surprised to find it suited me, so it got added to the bag!
Real Techniques stippling brush, £11.99
I have heard about stipple bruches for a while now and wanted to give them a try and real techniques were a brand I have heard nothing but good things about.  With my current Mac foundation I use sponges so new foundation time seems like a good time to invest!

Real Techniques starter set £21.99

I bought some amazing eyeshadows from Sugarpill Cosmetics in their black Friday sale but I have never been good with eye make up, so I thought some good brushes would help!  I will need some trial and error (I also need to do a review of my Sugarpill shadows too!) but hopefully I can have some funky make up soon!

Then there was lush…

Butterball Bathbomb, £2.50 and Phenix Rising bathbomb £3.25

Who can resist a couple of bath bombs when they go into lush? I know I can’t, my friend talked me into getting butterball and I got Phenix Rising because it smells like Disney World (don’t ask me why, I have no idea, I can not pin point it at all!)

Cupcake fresh facemask £5.95

Cupcake i tried last year on the recommendation of my friend Amy and I loved it.  I tried out lettuce last time but it didn’t work for me so I am back on with this one.

Emotional Brilliance in Fantasy £14.50

I have seen these around in lush for a while but never tried them out, however my friend tested this on me in the store and I loved it.  I had been sent a tester from Sugarpill of a similar colour shadow that I wanted but couldn’t justify.  Not only was this cheaper but it is easter to apply for what I want to use it for (essentially an eyeliner) but I think I need to play around and test out the different ways you can use it.  I was surprised at how bright the colours are considering its all natural, I was given an eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara applicator so it must be pretty versatile! 

Vanillary solid perfume £6.50 and Karma solid perfume £5.00

I saw on a blog somewhere a while ago that someone had tried these solid perfumes and loved them.  I did have perfume on my list but nothing specific and I was at a bit of a loss ( I feel like by 25 I should have a signature sent or something).  When I smelt vanillary I fell in love and when I saw the price I fell in love with it even more!  So with that in mind I got the karma, which reminds me of nice clean baths haha.  At the end of the day even after all the shopping I could still smell this on me which never happens with normal perfumes so I had to say I was impressed.

Wearing Illimasqua foundation, fake up concealer, Sugarpill eyeshadows, Benifit they’re real mascara, revlon powder blush, revlon colourburst matte balm, natural collection translucent powder and fantasy eyeliner.

I went out the day after I bought these and tried some of these products for the first time.  It’s not the greatest picture ever but it will give you some idea of the results for now.  (Bare in mind this was taken in a toilet after a couple of vodkas, classy I know)
So there you have it, I am happy but poor.  Have you got or tried any of these?  I would love to know your thoughts.  Also let me know if there are any of these you would like me to review as I will try and do some soon
Kariss xx

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