Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bargins

I know, I know, there’s late to the party and then there’s this blog post….Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are pretty new here in the UK, just starting to filter through from the US.  As we don’t have a thanksgiving it doesn’t seem a natural time for a sale but who is going to complain!  The sales seem to be online rather then in stores (even the one labelled black friday) and a few websites caught my eye.  Here are the things I was lucky enough to pick up.

You might recall a few months back I made a post about my Sugarpill wish list, well browsing through twitter I saw that they had the mother of all sales on!  Everything in store had between 20%-60% off, with that in mind I took full advantage and stocked up with my first ever order, and then had to deal with the toucher of waiting for delivery from the US!  Here is what I managed to pick up:

Hysteric RRP $12.99 bought for $8.40, Decora RRP $12.99 bought for $8.40, Darling RRP $12.99 bought for $8.40, Starling RRP $12.00 bought for $7.20 and Birthday Girl $12.99 bought for $6.00

I’ve left the prices in dollers as thats how I bought them.  The only thing I had to compete with was ordering them before they went out of stock!  I managed to get 4 of the picks from my wishlist plus one extra, I think this was my best sale find.  Now I just need to learn how to create some cool looks with eyeshadow!  It’s never been something I am great at

Kate’s Clothing

I have ordered from Kate’s Clothing before a few years ago and I remember being pretty impressed, the service was good and the delivery was crazy quick.  I look on there from time to time and dream of what to buy when I’ve been paid.  However I discovered they were having a winter warmers sale with a selection of items with 25% off, so I picked up these goodies:

Restyle Fake Fur Stole RRP £14.99, bought for £11.24

I have wanted one of these shawls for ages but never managed to find one I liked enough in my price range.  I think there perfect for adding a bit of vintage glamour to a winter outfit, great for a 50s look.  This however is perfect!

2 X Signature mock suspender rights, RRP £4.99 each bought for £3.74

I love these tights, me and my friends wear them on every night out, so any chance to stock up is never a bad thing, so I made sure i picked up 2 pairs!  There pretty good quality so they should last a while, even through the drunken dancing! 

I Love Cyberdog, however its generally very tight and very short, not flattering for a pear shaped figure like me!  Until now the only Cyberdog I owned was a really funky t shirt.  Now with a cyber Monday 25% off code I could find something new

Cyberdog Bow Shrug in Purple RRP24.99 

Just look at it! Seriously, how beautiful! Absolutely perfect for my industrial nights, adds some detail and colour to my very black outfits.  Its cyber bit also really girly.  I think this is going to get worn to death!

2 X Manic Panic Amplified hair dye in Cotton Candy Pink, RRP £12.00 each, bought for £9.74

I also picked up some hair dye, this is what I use to get my hair the colour it is incase you were wondering.  It isn’t the cheapest thing in the world but I love it, its easy to apply and doesn’t stain and comes out a lovely colour.  So anytime I can buy it even slightly cheaper I jump at the chance.
So do you like any of my purchases?  Did you pick up any bargains this year?

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