The Olympic Games in Russia: The Good Guys

In case you are unaware, being gay in russia is not fun.  In fact, it’s one of the most dangerous places in the world to be homosexual.  They are harassed, beaten, can loose their jobs and children, all for being born gay.  What makes it worse is that the law seems to back these people up, turning a blind eye to the violence and stopping even neutral references to being gay by law, so there is no way for people to speak up without threat of arrest (at the least).  This is one of the reasons this years Winter Olympic Games is one of the most controversial of recent times.  However with the negativity spreading far and wide I thought I would be nice to take some time out to appreciate some of the good guys.

Channel 4

Channel 4 produced the controversial documentary Hunted last week, about the Russian gangs who actively hunt down gay people to attack and humiliate them.  Following this they changed there logo to a rainbow:

They also created this fabulous (all be it very strange) commercial for gay athletes at the Olympics.

The German Olympic Team
The German Olympic team arrived in some interestingly coloured outfits (I’d love to know if this was intentional).  The Greeks were thought to have some something similar with there rainbow gloves but it turned out these were just the official gloves of the winter games (a strange choice)


Google are a big company so it’s always good when they do something like this as it reaches a large audience, a great choice of quote too.

Finally Canada, who have stolen the crown of awsomeisity with this fantastic video.

Have you seen any more contributions? I’d love to see them.  If you want to learn more or help the cause in anyway I really suggest you check out Stonewall’s page.  Stonewall are a fantastic charity so anything you can do to help them is fantastic, even if it’s just educating yourself

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