Hell Bunny Adelaide skirt from Audrey Star’s Boutique

Sorry It’s been quiet around here, on top of being ill, away with work and looking after the dog while my parents where away, my phone broke.  Well when I say my phone broke I mean I dropped it in water….and left it there for 2 hours!  A long story short I unknowingly dropped it in a bucket of water, and didn’t realise as I was watching a film.  Needless to say that no matter how much rice I buried it in it’s pretty dead and thanks to my crappy insurance it’s going to be weeks before I get my hands on another.  Apart from the problem of not having the internet at my fingertips (Jesus that really has been hard!) unlike most bloggers this was my only means of taking photos, I also own no form of tablet so unless I’m sat at home in front of my laptop I am contact-less.  Anyway enough about my phone anxiety and on with the blog post!  Luckily I had taken some pictures of the skirt and uploaded them before my phone went to it’s it’s watery grave.  Bare in mind though these were not supposed to be used as blog photo’s, hence the awkward mirror selfies!

I had intended to do a quick review of this skirt when I bought it, I expecting to review the company too but when you receive good customer service you just have to spread the word! I love Hell Bunny, I don’t know if I have made that clear enough on here but I own a LOT of their stuff, and I want to own even more!  I have added a lot of vintage reproduction shops on twitter etc so I can keep track of who has the best offers when I have my eye on something.  This time it was this beautiful Green polka dot skirt from Hell Bunny.

After checking my usual places I had a bit of a google search and came across a website I had never seen before, Audrey Stars Boutique.  I found what I was looking for in my size and cheaper then anywhere else at only £19.00 and ordered as soon as I got paid.

The day after I ordered however I saw a post on their Facebook page offering a discount on all Hell Bunny products!  I commented jokingly saying ‘typical of me to buy something the day before an offer starts!’  I was only speaking in jest but they were nice enough to reply saying that seen as I had missed out they would send me a free gift! How exciting! It’ always lovely when companies have a personal touch (they didn’t even have to ask me for an information, they already knew which order to add it to).

Everything arrived promptly and I was really happy when I opened it to find my skirt had been wrapped up beautifully in mint green tissue paper.  My rubbish picture doesn’t show the lovely colour properly, but it really was super pretty!  I love little touches like this i really dose make a difference and it isn’t something I’ve received from other shops like this so it was really nice.

The free gift turned out to be this lovely Hell Bunny tote bag, It’s really thoughtful and I love it.  It’s big enough to carry plenty of stuff in so I will defiantly get some use out of it.  Anyway onto the actual skirt!

I LOVE this skirt, its super comfy and looks great, Hell Bunny just released this same skirt in lots of different colours for spring and there’s a few I’ve got my eyes on.  My only criticism is that it’s slightly longer then it is on the official pictures, admittedly I am only 5,3 but I have never had this problem with Hell Bunny clothes till recently when I ordered a couple of autumn dresses that can be found here.  It’s not a major problem, and I am just debating weather to get it taken up or not.  Maybe this would be good motivation for me to learn to sew!

Expect to read some blogs from me in the future that don’t require me to take pictures!  I do have some ideas up my sleeve.  So do any of you guys like Hell Bunny?  How about Audrey’s Boutique?  Let me know what you think

Kariss xxx


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