New hair time!

My last post left a rather big question mark over what I was going to do with my hair, so here is the result!
I’m sorry for the quality of these pictures, I am still phone/camera less so it’s webcam all the way, feels a bit old school!  Anyway here’s some quick pictures of me before I made the trip to the hairdressers.
I think this is the first time my makeup-less face has appeared on my blog!  But considering I only wear makeup once a week I guess I should get used to using pictures like this more often.  Anyway I purposely hadn’t had my roots done for about 5 months as I was trying to grow the bleach out, I also hadn’t had a haircut in this time so it was getting pretty long!  My hair wasn’t died blonde, it was pink but this is the colour the pink washes out to.  Because of this it looked a mess as it wasn’t toned or anything.  So on with the new hair!
So here it is!  My hairs a little messy in these as I’d slept on my curls a couple of times.  There’s actually 4 different colours on my hair here, one initial one on my roots and one on the rest of my hair, then another colour on my roots and another on my hair to make sure the colours matched properly.  All this was to avoid using bleach and I think my hairdresser did an incredible job of managing to get my hair all one colour considering!  Next time were going to get it a slightly different colour and eventually the bleach will all grow out.  I also had about a inch of my ends as it had grown unevenly and was pretty dry, it feels really refreshing having healthy hair again!  
So what do you think?  I’ve seemed to have gained a mixed reaction so far
Kariss xx

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