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I get a lot of complements from newcomers to my blog about my lovely banner, I adore it and it’s one of the favourite parts of my layout.  I love the fact that it’s completely unique and shows off my style perfectly while having that geeky hint that is very me.  If I’m honest I’m lucky, my boyfriend is a pixel artist so he did created it for me, and tweaked it till be both were happy.  As much as I admit I am kind of biased, I do think he’s really good, so I thought for something a little different I would use this blogpost to show off some of his artwork! It’s the least he deserves for putting up with my blog demands!

This is one of his most resent creations, he made the mistake of asking me for inspiration so of course I went for Fluttershy, I think it’s super cute 🙂
A few months ago I asked him to create a cover for a disney album I was making for a friend, he spent ages on these and I think they are fantastic, so much detail!  Speaking of detail, look at these full scenes bellow.

And lastly a couple of self portraits, since his face doesn’t get up here very often.

So what do you think?  He has a blog over at Outlandish Pixel which shows much more of his work (and explains it much better then I do).  I am still phone/camera less, and will be for a couple of weeks, but it’s giving me a chance to do more posts like this that don’t require new photographs (and hopefully getting round to making post I took photo’s for months ago!).  Time to get resourceful!

Kariss xx


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