Sugarpill Review

You may remember before Christmas I did a post about my Sugarpill wish list and then a few months later I also posted about my cyber monday sales purchases which included my Sugarpill sale haul, where I managed to pick up most of my wish list!  So I figured it’s about time I did a review!
First of all my package arrived from America completely intact, and in such cute packaging!  I loved the logo box and the pink tissue paper, and it even came with a glittery gold Sugarpill sticker!  Now onto the colours!
First up is Birthday Girl, this is a beautiful pale pink with fine gold flecks running through it, a real girly girl colour and one of the most subtle on.

Next Hysteric, a purple shade with a silver shimmer, really build-able.
This blue/green/turquoise colour is Darling, the most one dimensional of the colours I’ve chosen but it still has a really subtle blue shimmer to it.  This probably makes it the most suitable for day wear.
Starling is a mystic blue with a blue glittery shimmer running through it, very cute.
Decora is the party loving sister of Birthday Girl, its a brighter pink with sexy gold flecks, perfect for a night on the town!  (unfortunately my picture of this product made it look much more garish then it really is).
Lastly, when my order arrived it came with a sample for Goldilix, which immediately made me want to buy it!  It’s a really bright gold, perfect for the party season, here it is shown with the flash off and with the flash on.  The last photo shows the colours with the flash on, you can see how much these colours change when the lights hit them! 
Time to show off some of the looks I’ve created while playing around with these shadows, I’m still not used to wearing eye makeup so I’m learning the basics of blending but hopefully I can get there and create some of the amazing looks I’ve seen people rock with Sugarpill!  Before I go any further I should probably point out that most of the following pictures were taken when I was drunk and it club toilets.  Oh that class!
Starling and Hysteric and Goldilux for a night time look.
Hysteric and Decora with Hysteric also on the lips and eyebrows for a space girl themed electro/goth look.
Lastly Birthday Girl and Darling for a 90’s dance night!
Overall I’m really impressed with these shadows, I expected them to be the same size as my Barry M pots as they look similar but they are at least twice the size, so it justifies the added price.  In all of the swatches I only used one swipe with minimum product so you can see how highly pigmented these colours are, they’re easily build-able and really bright.  The colours are all really finally milled which makes them super soft and easy to blend, these pots are defiantly going to last me a long time!  It’s all vegan and cruelty free which is another big plus.  The packaging is so pretty and looks amazing in my make up case, I love the fact that each colour has it’s own cute symbol.  I couldn’t really ask for anything more!  Other then someone to do it for me of course!
So do any of you guys like Sugarpill?  If you have any tips for eye makeup I’d love to hear them!

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