Veil Cover Cream*

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Thomas Blake Cosmetic Creme’s to review their Veil Cover Creme.  This is a high coverage foundation that claims to cover:
 “birthmarks, white patches, redness, acne scares, burn scars, varicose veins, dark circles under the eyes, temporary bruising after surgery, age spots and unwanted tattoos.” 
 I had high hopes for this product as if there’s one problem I have it’s dark circles!  I haven’t found a product that can totally rid me of these yet, even with high coverage I seem to get a tell tale dark line that just won’t go.  In fact my sister has asked me before if I’ve been punched!  Nope, I just never get enough sleep it seems.
The light/medium package came with 20 small samples in different colours and a small container of transparent setting powder, along with some simple instructions.  To be honest this isn’t the greatest way to test a product as its hard to get out and the plastic wasn’t sealed so I don’t know if that effected it at all.  However there was plenty of shades to choose from.  The powder had unfortunately come loose and covered everything this was easily solved and there was plenty left.
After trying to match all the colours up to my skin I choose the closest and got applying, to be honest the colour I picked did end up coming out a bit light for my skin tone.  Also it seemed to have a strange consistency, kind of like a thick moose, but again I don’t know how much this was effected by the way it was sent.  As there was only enough for an area and not a whole face I concentrated on just the under eye area.  And the results:
Before, after the creme, and after the powder.
I should say I’m not wearing any other make up in these pictures so all your seeing is the product.  It blended in quite well and it didn’t feel like I was wearing make up at all never mind anything heavy.  However it terms of the result I’m not that impressed, when it comes to products that can cover things as extreme as tattoos I expect it to cover me easily.  Admittedly I didn’t have the greatest colour match and I do think it’s the kind of product you need to learn to apply in the right way but this just didn’t impress me.  I would consider it as an alternative but I think my current mac studio fix has the same amount of coverage, if not slightly less coverage.  I did quite like the powder however, it was really soft and helped make the product blend better and look less harsh.
This is still a descent product, if your looking for a build-able concealer but don’t already have one then maybe this could be of use to you, however I would recommend you check out the mac studio finish.  Maybe I was just expecting too much!
This product was sent to me for review, this does not effect my views on the product.  All opinions are my honest and my own

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