Blackhead Killer peel off mask: Review

Who doesn’t like a bit of pampering on a weekend?  Every Monday I curse myself for not just chilling out, painting my nails and relaxing in the bath, and a key part of this is, of course, a face mask.  So when I was sent these to review I figured it might actually convince me to slow down for a bit, so Sunday night that’s exactly what I did.  I was sent 5 of these so I talked my sister and her boyfriend into giving it a go too, why have one opinion when you can have 3!  

When I opened it I was surprised by just how dark it was, I was expecting it to be black but this was really black!  It looked like oil, super shiny!  This meant it was very easy to put on, it glided over my skin easily, with no drips or stickiness.  I much prefer peel-able face masks for this reason, and there much easier and cleaner to wash off.  Now for the all important mid face pack shots!

Don’t we all look super, sexy, cool!  Word of warning, this face mask can be very messy!  As much as it doesn’t budge when it is on your face it can be kind of hard to get off your hands as water just slides off and anything you will touch will have a black residue (I have the towels to prove it!) however it dose not stain.

It smell’s lemony which made it feel extra cleansing and it dried pretty fast.  Unlike other peel-able face masks I’ve tried you don’t get that horrible dried out skin feeling, where you can’t move your face for fear of cracking!  In fact after the allotted time I didn’t even think it had dried properly till I tried to peel it off.  It came off really easily,and felt the same as when you would peel PVA glue of your hand when you were a kid (that wasn’t just me right?).  It all came off in one big section rather then little bit which was really satisfying.  It was kind of painful in certain areas off your face as you pulled it off but this is what helps to pull out the blackheads/oil.

Afterwards my skin tingled for quite a while and after it had settled down it felt really soft.  None of us really suffer from blackheads but my skin can get pretty oily and this seemed to get rid off the access oil without over drying it which can be really hard to achieve.  My sister loved looking at the face mask after she’d pulled it off so you can see anything and she loved the cleansing feeling.  Her boyfriends opinion was ‘ouch, why do girls do this’ followed by ‘actually that feels quite nice’.

Blackhead Killer peel off mask costs £14.95 for a pack of 5 and you can get it here.  What’s your favourite peel-able face mask? 


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