Story Leather Iphone 5 Case

Some of you might remember a few weeks ago when I accidentally made the super smart decision to take my Iphone for a bath (I didn’t complain about much…..) and ever since I finally got a phone back I’ve been looking for a suitable case.  Luckily a few weeks ago I was contacted my Story Leather to see if I wanted to review one of their red leather Iphone cases, so of course I said yes.
Story Leather pride themselves on there handmade items, all of which are the made from 100% real leather (not the fake plastic leather often seen on sale).  They also specialise in custom orders, both adaptations of there existing designs and your own.

What really surprised me when was the packaging, this is possibly the nicest product packaging I’ve ever received, and who would have thought it would be for a phone case!  It looks very decadent and looks like the packaging you would expect from an expensive jewellery company.  The box itself was lovely and I was really surprised when I opened it to find that the phone case was wrapped in lovely soft material.
As for the phone itself the first thing I noticed was how sturdy it is.  I had expected the leather to be soft however it is actually quite stiff and ridged, which makes it feel more solid.  It has a magnetic clasp to make your phone extra secure and it fits the phone perfectly, no fear of any accidents.  I love that it has a pocket on the inside for cards as I always use my phone for transporting my staff pass and sometimes my bank card ( I know I probably shouldn’t but it comes in handy!).  I also love the design inside the case, it’s a shame this part gets hidden by the phone.
My only criticism is that for a phone company that has so many unique selling points the case design itself is very simple.  It’s very smart looking but I feel it for such a creative company they could go for something a bit more interesting looking, however as you can design your own case I guess this problem is easily solved!
If you could design your own leather phone case, what do you think you would go for?
Kariss xx

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