#LincsBlogMeet – The Event

So last weekend I did something that has been on my to do list for a while, but I wasn’t sure I would ever have the nerve to do, attend my first blog meet!
It was in my university city of Lincoln and was hosted by one of my best friends Amy and Bee.  It was such an amazing day, I’ve defiantly got the blog meet bug!  We met at Lincoln train station before being split into groups and sent on a picture hunt!  Here are our pictures (go team red!) courtesy of Siobhan and Nat
We didn’t win unfortunately, but we did come second so we didn’t do that bad.  The last point on the picture tour was Ask, so when we arrived we headed strait upstairs where they had kindly provided our own area of the restaurant to hang out in.
Ask were also kind enough to have these cookbook’s waiting for us at the table, which was very generous.  It was a really nice space and it was great to have the upstairs of the restaurant all to ourselves, it made the presentations and chatting a lot easier and more relaxed!
Before lunch we had a brilliant chat from Weleda, who did a great job of explaining all there products and the philosophy behind them, we even got a full bottle of the Citrus Body Oil, but I am saving that for my second post.
After lunch Boots came to give us a talk, they kindly stepped in last minute  and I have to say they did a great job!  I learnt so much and they even spoke of coming back for a full day which would be amazing!  Every medium to large boots has an independent skincare consultant, which I didn’t know previously but I will defiantly be using this knowledge in the future!
Afterwards, and in between all the many fantastic raffle prizes, we did a beauty swap.  I brought a lot of stuff I didn’t use anymore and managed to pick up some great bits!
Overall the day was really good, I met some great people, learnt more about skincare and had so much fun!  Of course there was an excellent gift bag but I am saving that for another post.  Have you ever visited Lincoln?
Kariss xx

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