Quickmax eyelash enhancer review

My eyelashes are the bane of my existence!  Ok, that might be a little extreme but they are really annoying!  They’re really short and strait and you can’t even tell they are there!.  I actually stopped wearing mascara because it was pointless.  Even the holy grail that is Benefit’s They’re Real couldn’t deliver the goods, sure they looked better but it still wasn’t enough for my disastrous lashes.  So of course when given the opportunity to try an eyelash enhancing serum I wasn’t going to turn it down.
I’ve been wanting to try an eyelash serum for ages but I was sceptical, I didn’t know how they worked, what they did or which to choose!  The Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer claims to :

‘Make eyelashes become noticeably longer and thicker when used for as little as 7 days.  The lashes gradually thicken to a rich darkness when when Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer is used for 15 days or longer.’

So did it deliver?  less chat, more results, here are my before and afters!

Before, first two without mascara, second two with mascara

After 13 day’s with mascara

So what do you think?  I forgot to take photos without mascara in the after pictures but look at the difference!  I took these photos after using it once a day for 13 days (excuse the messy application of mascara, I was in a rush when I took the ‘after’ shots).  Personally I defiantly notice a difference, my lashes feel thicker and when mascara is applied you can actually see them!  I am going to carry on using this everyday, and I will defiantly be re-buying it when this tube runs out.  I now want to see just how much longer my lashes can grow!

Have you ever used an eyelash enhancer like this one?

Kariss xx

This product was sent to me for review, all opinion are my own and are completely honest


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