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Honestly, my hair has been driving my crazy lately!  As you will know from this post after years of crazy bright colours I have decided to focus on my hair health and go for something more ‘natural’ and this involves growing the bleach out of my hair.  Growing out bleach is a long and hugely irritating process, and it currently means my hair is 3 colours, dark brown where my roots are, brighter red where the colour is still over my natural, non bleached hair, and a peachy colour where the bleach has caused all the red to wash out.  On top of this it’s pretty frizzy, I’ve been trying to get into my hair dresses for a few weeks but the only time it’s open when I’m not working is Saturday’s and I’m almost always away.  So when I saw ReeRee’s post on her blog offering a complementary wash and blow dry to the first 20 people to email, I began writing so fast my fingers were almost on fire.
I fell in love with Rockalilly salon the moment I discovered it online, and I told myself that one day, I would go and get a real vintage style.  I don’t trust anyone up here to know how to do one properly, or at least I haven’t found them yet.  I loved their work and the style of the salon it’s self, but alas I live too far away.  Here was my chance to live a little part of that dream, what are the chances of me spotting this on time, and just when I was going to London for the weekend!  Rockalilly Styles is Rockalilly’s little sister, specialising in quick styles and wet shaves instead of the cuts and dyes on offer at the other salon.  As you can see from the price list they currently offer wash and blow drys, festival braids and of course, vintage styling.
I arrived at lunchtime on Sunday after a very stressful journey and was greeted very warmly.  I was quickly ushered into a chair while i took in my surroundings.  This salon is beautiful, very retro and kitch, I wish my house looked just like it.  It even had a statement mirror wall and ceiling and doller printed floor, it’s really nice to go somewhere with it’s own personality.
I told my stylist I didn’t have anything in mind so she came up with some ideas that gave my hair more volume and a bit if curl at the ends to make it seem more alive.  To be honest I felt sorry for her, my hair is hard to work with.  It takes forever to dry, always wants to stay straight, and falls out instantly.  She did manage to work some magic and I left feeling great, as I’m writing this it’s 2 days later and my hair feels super soft and sleek.  Here is my before and after:
So there you have it, I’d love to come back at some point and get my hair done properly, in the meantime I’m very happy and thankful I got this experience.  The new salon is beautiful and well worth a visit if you need a pick me up, if I have an event in London I will defiantly be popping in for some vintage styling.  What’s your favourite vintage style?  

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