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So as a few of you may know a few months ago I had a huge career change, from theatre lighting technician to a desk job in publishing.  What you may not know is that a few years before that I was a theatre stage manager, and if there is one thing you should know about stage managers, it’s that they are obsessed with stationary!
Stage Managers have to spend a lot of time writing notes, doing technical drawings, editing scrips etc and as a result every stage manager had pencil cases full to the brim with goodies!  It is a stressful job so that flash of colour can really help you get through the day, however when I changed to lighting I left all that behind me and swapped my Hello Kitty pens for rigger gloves.  Then when I started my current job I was thrown back into the world of stationary, and slowly I have been trading my office standard stuff for my own, more colourful versions, so when I was offered stationary from Viking Direct I couldn’t say no.  So what did I get?
First up I received these Foray highlighters, which of course I loved because of all the colours!  This goes way beyond the three colour standard, I particularly like the lilac and pale green, because they really stand out.  You can use them for thin or thick lines depending on which side you use, these will defiantly come in handy for blog planning!
If you asked people at my current work place about me they would probably mention my post it note obsession.  My short term memory isn’t the greatest, and my way of combatting this is to write things down as soon as they pop into my head.  As a result I always have them close to hand, which is why this post it note dispenser is great for me.  It makes my messy habit a lot neater and more professional looking.  I have to say I was really surprised by the quality of this product, it’s really sturdy and heavy, great for an office.  I will defiantly get a lot of use from this!
Next up I got this blue 8gb usb stick.  Strangely enough I was looking for a usb stick recently and realised I don’t have one anymore, talk about great timing!  I can’t believe that you can get 8gb of memory for less then £5, crazy! It also comes in lots of different bright colours!
Lastly I got one more thing…
Let me tell you these did not last long in my house!  
Do you have a stationary obsession?
Kariss xx

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