The Courtyard Resturant at Ox Pasture Hall, Scarborough

I was kindly asked a few weeks ago if I would like to review the food at The Courtyard Restaurant, part of Ox Pasture Hall just outside Scarborough.  One look at their website and their two rosette status and I couldn’t say yes fast enough, what an opportunity!  So last week my friend Claire took us both for a drive, on the hunt for some great food!
The first thing that stood out was the setting, driving up the winding road the views was stunning, beautiful and green, and when we arrived it looked as though you were in the middle of nowhere.  It was gorgeous, and really hard to believe we were so close to a popular seaside town.
We were welcomed very warmly by staff and waited in the comfortable lounge, before being shown to our table.  There was a wedding being set up in the hotel but the atmosphere in the restaurant was quiet and comfortable, we got sat at the best table, with a fantastic view of the green forrest!
We were given drinks as soon as we were settled in, I was given a glass of prosecco while Claire stuck with J20’s as she was driving, which we sipped as we browsed the menu.  We were left in peace to make our decision, (there is nothing worse then hovering waiters!), until we finally made up our minds.  So without further adieu, let’s get to the important bit.  Here is what we ate!
  Once our orders were taken we received appetisers from the Chef, this was chicken roulade to warm up our tastebuds for the main event.  The staff were very knowledgeable and explained what each part of the dish was.  Although this was nice it was probably my least favourite part of the meal as it wasn’t as flavourful as the rest of the options.  
Next up we were served a variety of different breads, when this was taken we had already devoured about half of them.  I am a huge lover of bread and this was fresh, soft and tasty, I especially liked the fruit loaf.  If I’d have known how much we were going to eat I maybe wouldn’t have polished off the whole lot!
For starters I chose the duck, while Claire opted for the Ham, egg and peas.  I love the contrast between cherry and pork here, and all the different textures.  The cherry and beetroot sorbet was particularly amazing, I’ve never had a sorbet at the start of a meal before but I would defiantly opt for it again.  
We were served this strawberry palate cleanser next, it was really delicious, I could have drank it all day!  They reminded me of strawberry daiquiris , but without the alcohol.
For the main meal we both opted for the pork.  I love the way the pork was served in so many different ways, each perfectly complementing each other while standing out in it’s own right.  Everything was cooked extremely well, perfectly tender and flavoursome, and just the right amount.
Our second palate cleanser was a citrus sorbet served on a bed of a whisky ice.  I am not normally a whisky fan, and this was very strong, however when paired with the sorbet it balanced out very well and they tasted great together.  It was very refreshing, perfect to prepare your tastebuds for a very sweet desert.
Ok, I have to admit, I have a very big sweet tooth, so for me this was a dream!  Claire opted for the Caribbean Cocktail while I chose the Yorkshire Berries which consisted of jelly, summer fruit pudding, strawberry ice cream and creme brûlée.  By this point in the meal I was very full but I could not leave a scrap of this, I think it as my favourite part of the whole day.  Again it was a great mix, really sweet yet refreshing.  Looking at this now is making me wish I could eat it all over again, every part of it was perfection!
We did have the option to have tea or coffees afterwards but we could barely move, instead we opted to sit and enjoy our surroundings for a while before having a quick look around the grounds.  The staff were even nice enough to let us have a sneak peak into the wedding venue, just before a wedding was about to take place, I have to say it looked beautiful.  We took some quick outfit posts while on site because why not!
I’ll tell you now because I know your wondering, yes that is all Clare’s real hair, amazing isn’t it!  
I have to say I am really impressed, not only was the food fantastic but the staff were amazingly friendly and attentive, one of the best serving experiences I’ve ever had.  On top of that the whole hotel and grounds were beautiful, I will defiantly be coming back again if I get chance.  In fact my parents are already considering coming here after seeing these photos.  Whats the best place you’ve eaten?
Kariss xx

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