Weight Loss Wednesday- Week 1

First ever weigh in, ready?  Here goes…..*drum roll*
Start Weight: 11 Stone 4 1/2 pounds
Current Weight: 10 stone 12 pounds 
Loss, Gain or Stay the Same: 6 1/2 pound loss
Wow I mean, what can I say!  I’ve lost nearly half a stone in just less then a week!  I though I’d lost but I defiantly didn’t think I’d lost that much, I’ve never lost so much so fast in my life!  Just shows that Slimming World really works when you stick to it!  And to think last week I said I am probably aiming a bit high but I would love to drop 3 pounds this week.’  

The only difference I’ve made this week is aiming for 5 ‘syns’ per week instead of 15, as I knew I had a restaurant to review at the weekend and wouldn’t be in control of my food.  I have to say this does help because I have a tendency to go over, and going a few over at 5 doesn’t matter, going over a few at 15 and suddenly your cheating, goes to show it all adds up!  (Sorry if this doesn’t make sense to you if you’ve have never tried Slimming World).  I have defiantly cut down on my snacking but *Warning, about to get a little graphic* I started my period today so that might have contributed to my weight loss.  Generally starting this blog post series has defiantly helped as every time I’ve wanted to reach for the sugar I’ve thought  *wait, I have to report my weight next week* and that’s really helped me stick to it.
I am surprised it was so high because, as much as I was very good in the week, I went to review an amazing restaurant at the weekend (review posted later this week) which consisted of wine and 6 (I think, I lost count!) courses!  Admittedly the portions were rather small as it was a taster menu and none of it seemed particularly bad for me but I was defiantly stuffed when I left!  To add insult to injury I then went out in Nottingham and had a lot to drink, the most I’ve drank in a while, and although I stuck to my guns about only drinking vodka diet coke I did drink more then I should, and had a few extra syns the next day in my hungover state.
It’s fair to say I’m pretty happy!  I now have to be really careful that I don’t get complacent.  Next week I am away in London, I’m staying at my sisters so I’m hoping I can try and stick to the diet by cooking at hers when I can and the rest of the time I will just have to make the best choices possible!  With that in mind I am aiming for 1 pound loss this week, with my large loss this week I’ll be happy with that.
Kariss xx

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