Weight Loss Wednesday- Week 2

Start Weight: 11 Stone 4 1/2 pounds
Current Weight: 10 stone 13 pounds 
Loss, Gain or Stay the Same: 1 pound gain

Not much to say this week, i’ve gained a pound but I know where it’s come from.  Frankly I am surprised it wasn’t more, I was pretty good in the week but it all fell apart when I stayed in London at the weekend.  I tried to be fairly sensible but I ended up eating out for every meal as I wasn’t at my sisters as much as I’d thought.  I did do a hell of a lot of walking though which I think was why I didn’t gain more, and I’ve been good since I got back.
As for next week it could go one of two ways, I am either going to make a last minute decision to go to Download Festival, which would mean lots of eating burgers from stalls because I wouldn’t have time to sort out bringing food, or I’m staying at home.  If I’m staying at home I won’t have much in my way other then one birthday night out on Friday and a possible second birthday meet up on Saturday.  As long as I stick to vodka diet Coke and don’t get too drunk I should be fine, so here’s to hoping!
If I don’t go away I would love to loose 2 pounds next week, if I do then I will probably be back to square one!  Let’s see how it goes…

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