Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 3

Start Weight: 11 stone 4 1/2 pounds
Current Weight: 10 stone 12 pounds
Loss, Gain or Stay the Same: 1 pound loss
Total Loss: 6 1/2 pounds
I’ve lost the pound I’ve gained last week, and I can’t complain about that really.  Despite having the possibility of the perfect week for weight loss, aka having the weekend at home and not really having any plans, I just couldn’t get my head in the game this week.  Despite eating good meals I found myself desperate to snack, especially at the weekend, and I defiantly ate more then I should, so I’m happy with my one pound loss.
I would love to loose at least the 1/2 pound this week that would take me to half a stone, however I am away this weekend that the Lincoln blog meet ( so excited!) which means 2 days of eating out as I am crashing at a friends house.  I am hoping I can make up for it during the week.
Anyone got any advice for me this week?

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