Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 4

Start Weight: 11 stone 4 1/2 pounds
Last Week’s Weight: 10 stone 12 pounds
Current Weight: 10 stone 13
Loss, Gain, or Stay the Same: 1 pound gain
Total Loss: 5 1/2 pounds

Talk about yoyo dieting!  After my big starting weight loss I’ve been one pound on, one pound off one pound on….It’s frustrating, but every time it’s happened I’ve known why.  This weekend I ate at Ask as part of the #Lincsblogmeet, before meeting friends for drinks, eating another meal at a pub and more drinking.  Then Sunday I grabbed a quick Greggs baguette before heading home, where mum had made a BBQ and even bought a desert, which never happens!  Once more I tried to make up for it when I was back at work but weekends are defiantly my downfall!  If anyone has any tips let me know.
This weekend I am away, again!  This time I am heading into London to volunteer for London Pride, (my 3rd year, can’t wait!).  Food wise this will mean grabbing some lunch if/when I can on shift but I will be on my feet all day and if I manage to make it so somewhere like a Pret I might be able to do ok.  In the evening I am a bit clueless, might be food, might be drinking, but either way I am hoping to end up at my Boyfriends, so at least the Sunday shouldn’t be as bad.  We might be having a picnic or something but I should have more control over my food Sunday.  Again, with all this in mind I would like to loose 1 1/2 pounds, hitting the half a stone mark.  This might be a little over ambitious but I can try!

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