Booktubeathon 2014- the aftermath

Phew, Booktubeathon 2014 is over!  And what a week!  It actually felt really good to prioritise one thing in the week and just knuckle down!  I also forgot how your perception of a book can change when you read it fast so that you don’t forget a thing!  Here is my reading round up!
Monday I started and finished all 367 pages of Alice in the Country of Hearts and I loved it!  I haven’t read any manga in years and this has a really interesting story.  I thought it was going to be just the Japanese version of Alice in Wonderland but it was so much more!  Kind of creepy and strange but really interesting and unique, i’d defiantly recommend it.  This also completed two of my challenges the read a genre you’ve read the least of this year and read a book with pictures.

After reading and loving Eleanor & Park my sister chose this novel also by Rainbow Rowell and it was a perfect easy read for the booktubeathon.  I loved this, it really stayed in my mind after words and the childish part of me identified with the characters.  I am defiantly a fan of Rainbow’s writing!  I read this between Tuesday-Wednesday, some stuff came up Wednesday and Thursday which slowed down my reading but I finished this never the less.  I finished two more challenges with this, read a book picked out for you ( my sister chose this for me) and read a book with red on the cover.

I started and finished this on the Friday, I fancied a smaller book I could quickly get through on the train after work.  Metamorphosis it’s self was alright but I didn’t like the other stories.  Overall it was pretty disappointing.
I started this on the train Friday, then I got to my boyfriends and reading was largely put aside for the weekend, I didn’t really pick it up again until the train home on Sunday.  I only got about a quarter of the way through this but I am really enjoying it so far.  I wanted this to be my read the book, watch the film challenge (I have actually seen the film already) but unfortunately I didn’t get chance to finish it.
Overall I am pretty happy, if I had a more clear week (aka more like my first two days!) I would have easily made the 7 books.  I managed 1045 pages which is ok all things considered!  How did you do?

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