London Gay Pride 2014

This Saturday marked the 3rd year I have volunteered for London Pride, my first year I was parade steward, last year I was part of the stage team at Leicester Square and this time I went back to parade steward, as this is by far my favourite part.  It’s a long hard day, you deal with some rude and angry people but for the most part it’s great.  You get the best view of the parade, get to work with lovely people, most of the public are fantastic and you get to dance, clap, make noise and just generally keep the crowds up beat.  
This year was a wet one, a very wet one, but this didn’t put off the parade and all 30,000 people passed through central London in the 3 1/2 hours without a hitch.  This is the first year me and both my sisters all volunteered as my youngest sister finally turned 18!  Here are some pictures I took when I got chance, enjoy!
A very early tube trip, on route to the assembly point.  Wearing my new Harvey Milk t shirt my sister got me from San Francisco, very on point!
Around 9 I had met my group and we had arrived at our area, I was very lucky as we got a great area on Oxford street.  The parade wasn’t due to start passing us until 1.30pm and the road was still open until around 12.30 so much caffeine was drank, and much speaking to the public which was great.  Now, on with the parade pics!
Did you spot Sir Ian McKellen and Sinnita?  

Finally, thank you to Tesco for not only providing our lunch but giving us these very appropriate snacks!

Have you attended a Pride event?

Kariss xx


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