Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 6

Start Weight: 11 stone 4 1/2 pounds
Last Weeks Weight: 10 stone 13 1/2 pounds
Current Weight: 10 stone 12 pounds
Loss, gain or Stay the Same: 1 1/2 pound loss
Total Loss: 6 1/2 pounds

It seems like I have been so quiet on my blog this week!  I haven’t abandoned you I’ve just been suffering from various illness and feeling generally pretty down, I’m not going to go into it but needless to say my efforts to write this week haven’t got me very far.  I didn’t want to miss a #wlw though so here I am!
Well I did loose again finally!  To be honest I think I would have lost 4/5 pounds but I had a weekend slip up and I’ve been feeling bloated ever since.  Also general illness hasn’t helped, I didn’t eat on much on Friday as I was pretty much bed ridden and that isn’t good.  But a loss is better then nothing so I’ll take it!
This next week is going to be difficult as I am away in Newcastle for a big night out with my mum, sisters and their friends (illness/ frozen neck pending!)  Which means lots of alcohol which means hungover food.  My plan is to be strict in the week as some kind of damage control, if I loose 1 pound I’ll be really happy (and have hit my 1/2 stone mark)!   Incidentally I know some of my fave blogggers are in Newcastle so if your around this weekend leave me a comment! 
Sorry this is short, as I said I’ve been physically ill and mentally I’m not great either at the moment but I’ll just leave it at that.  I am going to get another post up this week one way or the other though I swear!  

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