Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 7

Start Weight: 11 stone 4 1/2 pounds
Last Weeks Weight: 10 stone 12 pounds
Current Weight: 10 stone 13 1/2 pounds
Loss, gain or Stay the Same: 1 1/2 pound gain
Total Loss: 5 pounds

I know, I know! I loose a week, I gain a week!  The truth is I never realise how often I went away at weekends until I tried to diet!  It’s defiantly harder for me in the Summer as it’s my favourite time of year and puts me in exploratory mode which makes me struggle to stay at home and miss all the fun!  As I mentioned last week, I had a big night out in Newcastle and big night out it was!  Ouch!  So much drinking happened, followed by drunk pizza and hungover Indian, not a good mix.  I was a lot heavier so I’ve done well to bring it back to be honest, I honestly thought I would have put on 5 pounds.  Even though I am only the same weight I was 2 weeks ago I feel a LOT heavier, uncomfortable and bloated, ugh!  
Next week I am away at the weekend again!  I’m off to my boyfriends in Hertford and were having a day at the seaside in Southend but we will see!  Food shouldn’t be too bad aside from a seaside ice cream and eating out.  As long as I don’t let Harry talk me into sugary treats!  Let’s say a 1 pound loss.
Does anyone else struggle in the Summer?

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