Wieght Loss Wednesday: A Small Hiatus and a request!

I’m guessing that you can tell from the title of this what is happening, I am taking a small break from weight loss wednesday posts.  You might have noticed I missed last weeks, his is because I went away and got snowed under with a project, and a similar thing happening this week.  My family have also just booked a last minute holiday, I leave next Tuesday, meaning of course that there won’t be any updates for a couple of weeks.
I don’t want to drop this all together though and it’s defiantly something I want to pick back up in a couple of weeks.  However I’d want to start a fresh, as I’m guessing after this holiday my weight will be back at the start (at least!).  But if I go back to titles such as weight loss wednesday: week 1, I will already have posts with this name and I I think this will get confusing.  If anyone has any idea’s I will greatly appreciate it!
Finally on to my request.  As I am going away for the week I am worried about leaving this blog abandoned, so if any of you want to guest post on my blog, now is the time to volunteer!  It can be about anything as long as it vaguely fits in with my blog.  The hard part is I would probably need them by this Saturday, which gives only 4 days (eek!).  There is a possibility that I can stretch to late Monday night but we shall see!  If you are interested, leave a comment or email me at shystrangemanic@gmail.com.
Kariss xx

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