Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare: Review

Ok, I have a confession to make.  Until very recently, I didn’t look after my skin at all!  A skincare routine you say?  What’s one of those?  The only think I owned was a basic moisturiser (which I never used) and *shock horror* cheap makeup wipes.  One of the first things I bought as a result of blogging was a micellar water (which I still rave about now!) but other then I still hadn’t really got into my skin care.  That is until recently, when I went for my first ever facial.  They were not impressed by my skin and even less so with my skincare routine (or lack of one).  So since then I have been trying out a few different products to see what works with my skin, and what a difference they can really make.  Starting out with a moisturiser and cleanser from Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare.
As far as skincare was concerned, I thought starting off with something that was organic was the best way to go.  Your skin is a living organ so treating it with natural ingredients seems to make the most sense to me.  My skin is naturally oily but I do get dry patches (usually my own fault for not drinking enough water!) so I started with a cleanser.

The cleanser I’ve been using is the Botanicals Cleansing Melt in Mandarin and Chamomile, I chose the mandarin and chamomile range rather then then the rose and chamomile due to my oily skin.  This product is really unusual, when you first open it looks like a solid wax, but when you take some out and rub it between your fingers for a second or two and it quickly melts until it has an oil like texture.  I don’t know if this is just a gimmick or there is actually some reason for it but personally I love it, it feels really luxurious on my kin and is easy to apply and remove.  I can’t say it has worked miracles just yet but it has defiantly helped improve my skin.

I have also been using the Botanicals Mandarin and Chamomile Moisturiser, this is a light, refreshing moisturiser that still packs enough clout to really nourish your skin.  Even when I was really ill and got very dry skin this managed to combat it, it feels really soothing when applied.

I love how natural this collection is, the scents of both products are really organic too and it makes a change from being really in your face as some products are.  I would really recommend trying these products out, in fact I have my eye on this starter kit.

How do you feel about natural skincare?

These product was sent to me for review, all opinion are my own and are completely honest


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