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Kariss has once again allowed me to guest post on her blog because she’s a total babe! Today I’m bringing you a Harry Potter themed post. When I first met Kariss, 8 years ago, I was horrified to find out that she wasn’t a Harry Potter fan. It had become an important factor in my friendships and both Bee and my other best friend Jess were fans, so for Kariss not to be, it was definitely a shock horror factor. So imagine just how happy I was when a few years back she decided to read the book and watch the movies, and finally join the Hogwarts club! Since then we have managed to cram a few fan girl moments that we missed when the final book & movies were released.
So in honour of our mutual love of the Potter, I’ve put together a post on how to dress to represent your Hogwarts house without strutting around in £150 robes from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m a Ravenclaw and Kariss is a Hufflepuff (athough Pottermore shoved us both in Gryffindor, yack!) but I’ve also put together an outfit for said Gryffindor and of course Slytherin. If you’re not a Potterhead then this post isn’t for you, and i’m now sat here wondering why the hell you’re not, but go figure.
Hope you enjoy this post as much as Kariss will be enjoying Skiathos (lucky so in so, my parents have just come back from there and they say it’s lovely… but it is their 9th time!)
I’ve started with my house, Ravenclaw, because it’s the best. Ravenclaw colours are navy blue and bronze sort of shade, so obviously, that’s what I’ve gone for. Ravenclaw is also the house of the brainy people and I also like to think it’s where the nerds and geeks would all hang out. Of course, who is to say we don’t need to look shit hot too? That’s where this outfit comes in. I’ve chosen this Dark Denim Shift Dress by Sugarhill Boutique, because if you also follow my blog you’ll know how much I love the label. Paired with these Bronze Tassle Shoes from Mango, which not only look good but they’re practical for when you need to run to the library. And completing the look with these Suuna Bronze Oversized Sunglasses. Okay so they’re not you’re regular glasses that you’d stereotype with the brainy house, but glasses are glasses, right?
It would be rude if I didn’t do Kariss’ house next, which as I mentioned above, is Hufflepuff. Now if you’re a fan of Harry Potter you’ll know Hufflepuff tends to be as undesirable as Slytherin (although I kinda wouldn’t mind being Slytherin ha) but never mind. Lets not get into the politics! Hufflepuff’s colours are yellow and black, which was a surprisingly nice combination to put together an outfit for. Since Hufflepuff is notoriously known as the loser house, I’ve been kind enough to choose a more edgier outfit, maybe you could earn your house some street cred? I’ve gone for another Sugarhill Boutique dress, this time the Dahlia Dress. This with the b.young Black Leather Jacket and a pair of Black Chelsea Boots from New Look and you’re all set. 

Next up, I’ll do Slytherin. In the books, Slytherin is the home to all the future dark wizards and witches, nowadays I just think it’s the “bad ass” house. Or even the “cool” house, not a house I would ever be in but definitely the house I’d secretly want to be in. The house colours are dark green and silver. Again, a really nice colour combo to work with, although saying that, it was so hard to find the right colour green dress! I finally came across this Brocade Green Dress which is probably a little too classy for those Slytherin ladies, but oh well.. I managed to find some kick ass Silver Flatforms to grunge it up and finish the look with a chunky Silver Statement Necklace from Scarlett Fashion.
Finally, the house for some reason everyone wants to be in, Gryffindor! I think that’s the reason I wouldn’t want to be in it. Anyway, those who are brave at heart need to sport burgundy (or another shade of dark red) and gold. I actually found this the hardest because no matter what combination I put together the outfit ended up looking like a Gryffindor scarf, so I’ve just ended up sharing my favourite scarf-looking combination with you. The dress this time is, Yumi, and it’s actually one I’ve been lusting after for a while, the Classic Red Lace Shift. To finish off the look I’d go for these Jive Leather Sandals and the Missco Girl Twistlock Bag.
If you want something more in your face you could always take a look at the Black Milk Clothing range, or if you’re into the casual Truffle Shuffle stocks some fab house tees. But whatever you go for, remember it’s your house you’re representing so don’t be a dick! 
Thanks for reading and thanks for having me Kariss, you can find me over at Cocktails in Teacups.

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