Lush Solid Perfumes: Review

This post was originally written as a guest post for Bel’s blog several months ago but with me going away I thought I would share it with my own readers! This is about one of the lesser discussed Lush products, their solid perfume range.  As much as well all love a bath bomb I thought I would choose something different to talk about today to mix things up a bit!

I had been trying to choose a perfume for quite a while but nothing really stood out to me, I’ve had lots of different perfumes over the years but I’ve never really had a signiture scent.  Then last month when shopping in Meadowhall with a friend I came across Lush’s solid perfume range and picked up two, Vannilary and Karma.

Vannilary, £6.50, Lush

Now if I had to pick a favourite smell vanilla would be up there, so naturally I gravitated strait towards this.  It’s a lovely sweet smell that can be over powering if your not a fan of sugary smells, personally I love them (I’m the girl who always picks the birthday cake/ frosting scented candles that everyone else claims are too sickly) so for me this isn’t a problem.

Karma, £5.00, Lush

At the same time I picked up Karma, despite it being orange in colour it isn’t really a citrus sent.  In fact it’s really hard to describe the smell, it’s a little fruity with a lot of spice (sounds like the blurb for a surcy novel).  Unlike Vanillery this is a unisex sent, so share and share a like!  Personally to me this just reminds me of clean baths, which I assume is because they have had this sent in a bubble bar at some point, and that’s fine with me!
I am completely converted to solid perfumes, which took me by surprise!  First up they are so much cheaper, when I was browsing for something new I easily expected to pay £40 for a bottle, but both of these perfumes came to just over £11.00!  Also because it’s a solid perfume and not from a spritzer it lasts way longer, both in terms of the product itself and on your skin.  These tubes come as just one solid block, and as you only need a couple of swipes of the product on your skin to work it’s magic I know these are going to last me a hell of a long time!  Also unlike regular perfume, this seems to have a longer lasting effect on my skin, I defiantly notice it more throughout the day, and if you think your lagging, just rubbing your wrists together will ‘reactivate’ the product and makes it last that little bit longer.  Worried you might need more? No problem, these tubes are so tiny they will easily fit in a purse, there so compact they take up hardly any room, and because it’s not liquid you can even keep it on your hand luggage on holiday.  On my skin I was worried it would feel sticky but it isn’t at all, its slides on totally smoothly and leaves no residue other then a slight shimmer which soon disapears.  I have to say, I can’t see me going back to regular perfume any time soon, now I just have to be careful not to buy one in every sent!
Kariss xx

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