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Anyone who reads my blog or knows me personally, will tell you that I’ve never really been one for make up or even beauty generally. However this year, mostly because of blogging, I’ve tried a little harder to make some effort when it comes to make up! This has resulted in me spending a lot of money on some higher end products, but I have to admit I’ve been pretty pleased with them overall. One of my favourite things of all, is my newly developing M.A.C. lipstick collection! It’s sad, but I feel very protective over it.
I bought my first ever M.A.C. lipstick (Viva Glam VI) from a website called Cohorted. It was a bargain at £12. As soon as it arrived, I tried it out and my first thought was not just how well it applied, but also how lovely it smelt! Within a week or so, I had picked up another M.A.C. lipstick – this time Angel. It smelt equally as nice and at this point I think I was in love with these lipsticks. 
After much deliberation, I picked up Party Line from Ebay. One of my best friends Amy, had posted a picture of herself wearing it on Instagram and I loved the colour. It was a total bargain at £9.99 including free postage. Not long after, Amy bought me another M.A.C. lipstick to add to my collection, for my birthday. This time it was especially funky looking, a collection called Alluring Aquatics, specifically called Mystical.
Finally, only a few weeks ago, I treated myself to another lipstick from Cohorted, this time called Morange. While the colour is incredibly loud, I actually love it – perhaps because its just not my normal style. Not only that, but I entered a weekly competition for Lipcote, where you “post your pout”. I won that week and I was wearing Morange, so perhaps that’s another reason I love it. Even better, my prize for winning the competition was a M.A.C. lipstick, apparently in All Out Gorgeous. Sadly I haven’t received it yet, but fingers crossed!
As I write this post, Cohorted goes live again tonight. I’m thrilled to see yet another M.A.C. lipstick on offer! This time its a colour called Show Orchid and though its a very vivid pink colour, I think I might have to treat myself!
In my quest to make more effort with make up, I’ve definitely found an addiction to M.A.C. lipstick. I’ve possibly also developed one with Urban Decay. However that addiction will need to be saved for a whole different post…
Are you addicted to one particular brand of make-up? 
Do you have a M.A.C. lipstick colour to recommend?
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