End of Summer Beauty Haul

Over the Summer I’ve picked up a few different bits and pieces from blog sales, online and the high street shops.  So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been buying to cheer me up as the sun starts to go into hibernation.

This cream foundation is by Illamasqua in CF100, basically the whitest shade you can get!  This has actually been discontinued but I managed to pick it up from a blog sale for £10.  Now you might have noticed that my skin colour defiantly does not match this bright pure white, but I plan to test it out for more elaborate make up and as a base/ highlighter.  I’ve got some experimenting to do but maybe you’ll see a post about it in the future.  I have to say I find the texture of this a little odd, and I’m not sure I love it.  It’s sort of stiff and feels sort of like face paint.  However for what I want to use this for this should work pretty well, it also smells really sweet and lovely!

Another blog sale find, this is the Illamasqua highlighter in Gleam.  I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it but I would guess it would be around the £10 mark.  I absolutly love this, it’s become one of my favorite products.  It’s perfect to give you a glow, especially during the summer, it’s even taken the place of my trusty Benefit High Beam as my favourite highlighter.

I had been eyeing up some of Illamasqua’s signature bright lipsticks for a while but I was unsure if it would suit me, plus lets face it, they’re not colours can wear too often, so I didn’t want to spend too much money.  That’s how I discovered Make Up Revolution, I picked this similar shade to what I was looking for, for just £1.  It’s takes a bit of building but for the price I really can’t complain.

I had been looking for the ‘perfect’ yellow shadow for months, but couldn’t pick between two shades by my favourite brand Sugarpill.  I then discovered Sleek had a colour that looked great, and it was much cheaper at only £2.99!  However, when I tested this, it wasn’t for me.  It’s doesn’t apply well and so it’s hard to get a good colour payoff.

While I was on the Sleek website I picked up their contour kit.  I hadn’t tried contouring before and I’d heard good things about this set, and I have to say I love it!  It’s well worth the £6.49 and great if your just starting out, or an old pro.

Next Illamasqua were having a 20% off sale on their website, so I took the opportunity to get my Skin Base foundation while I could as it’s not the cheapest!

I also saw that Cyberdog were having a sale, and as I didn’t splash out on any of their clothing I took full advantage of them stocking Sugarpill instead.  First picking up this yellow shadow in Hi-Viz, to make up for my disappointment with Sleek.  The photo’s don’t do it justice but it’s much finer and has silver sparkles throughout, it’s a beautiful pot.

This purchase of Tiara was a bit of an accident, as I was taking advantage of the Cyberdog sale for Hi Viz this also made it’s way into my shopping basket.  But let’s face it, silver goes with everything and i’s defiantly going to come out on my cyber goth nights!  It’s such a high pigment, I don’t think anything can compare!

This Laura Mercier Lipstick in Margarita I actually won in a competition from Lipcot.  I was expecting it to be an orange shade but it’s actually a beautiful red, I really like this and it’s definitely going to get some use!

While I’ve been practicing my contouring I was struggling without using an angled brush, I’ve been looking for one for months when I stumbled upon this in Poundland of all places!  And, it works great!  Who would have thought!

Lastly, something I picked up on Cohorted, this bottle of setting spray from Urban Decay.  I’ve been wanting to try this out for ages so it will be tested fully next time I go clubbing.
What’s your favorite out of the bunch?
Kariss xx

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