Hot Topic Alternative Wish List

I first heard of Hot Topic when I was a teenager, it was the butt of many a joke on US TV, films and music, as being the place for mass produced alternative clothes.  If you were an alternative version of a hipster, this is where you would shop.  However when I actually finally visited a store on a trip to the US around 5 years ago I absolutely loved it, not only does it do alternative clothing brands but ton’s of unique geeky pop culture clothes and accessories that you can’t get elsewhere.  One of my favourite t shirts, a Transformers one, I got from there back and I still where it today.  More recently they have started doing lots of Disney related items so I fell in love with it even more, you can get plenty of stuff you can’t get anywhere else, and I’ve been stalking the website for years.
So this wish list has a bit of a twist, I got the idea after seeing Bel’s post, but then myself, Bel and Amy all decided to put together and do one big order between us!  So this is an alternative wish list of all the stuff I liked but didn’t buy in the end.  No doubt I will be doing a haul post when it all finally arrives, I can’t wait!
First of all these Beauty and the Beast sneakers ($24.50) are based on the famous stain glass windows from the film and are seriously detailed and beautiful.  This Sailor Moon Dress ($34.50) is cute and casual but I thought it might be a bit too costume-y.  Finally the striking image and colour in this Sleeping Beauty Maleficent stained glass dress ($34.50) is beautiful.
Then onto t-shirts, I really like the old school design on this Blink 182 t-shirt ($22.50) and it’s so hard to find any Kingdom Hearts t-shirts ($22.50) like this one!  This rockabilly style top (which I now can’t find, anyone know who makes it?) I love and would have defiantly bought if it wasn’t out on my size.  Lastly, I flitted back and forth over these Alice in Wonderland tights ($14.50) but opted out because as much as I love them, I know they wouldn’t suit my dumpy legs!  No one wants a stretched out looking Alice on their legs!
What’s your favourite item from Hot Topic?

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