Pink Parcel: The subscription box with a difference!

As I’ve mentioned before, subscription boxes are huge right now, but the down side is that there are so many now in the market that after a while they can all blur together.  So when I received this Pink Parcel at the Northern Blogger Meet it caught my attention because I’d never seen a subscription like it!
Now periods are a fact of life for us women and there not exactly what I would call fun, so anything that can improve that time of the month is a god send.  That’s where Pink Parcel come in, it’s a subscription box that tries to lighten up those day when we feel most down in the dumps.
No one wants to be caught short on their period, and there’s no chance of that with Pink Parcel.  It arrives 5 days before your cycle and contains more then enough tampons to see you through, including a pouch so you can carry them on the go.  As I got mine from a blog meet I had a mixed pack but if you are setting up a regular subscription you can pick your regular brand and absorbency, so it’s ready for you each month.
Then the best bit, you get a bunch of stuff to cheer you up.  This changes monthly but mine included a travel deodorant, femfresh, Maybelline bronzer, peppermint tea, Green and Black’s chocolate and a W7 Tee-tree concealer.  All the products are things women reach for at that time of the month, which is a really nice touch.
A Pink Parcel subscription box is £9.95 a month, and £5.95 for your first month.
Have you seen any unusual subscription boxes?  Let me know, I’d love to find more!

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