Rock ‘N Roll Bride for Crown and Glory: Collection Favourites

Crown and Glory have been a favourite with bloggers for a while, and now they’ve joined forces with the fabulous Rock ‘N Roll Bride to create a brand new collection.  So I couldn’t resist taking a look and seeing what I could pick up!
Now you might see a bit of a theme here, as I’ve mentioned before, I have a thing for animal ear hair accessories, and basically anything Kawaii.  I have a LOT ( I keep meaning to do a post on them) so quite a few made it into my dream basket here.  These floral kitty (£25) ears are bright, girly and rather unique.
Of course I have included the Liberace Bunny Ears (£30.00) in black and silver, because they are sparkly, pretty, and black and silver go with everything!  I also love the fact the ears are on one side, I think they look rather fun!  For the same reason I’ve included the Liberace Kitty Ears (£30.00) again in silver and black.
Lastly the Liberace Heart Clip in silver (£15.00) can be worn either in the hair or as a broach and would really jazz up a casual outfit for day and night.  
Have you checked out the new collection yet?


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