What is a blogger?

I write a blog, so by definition that makes me a ‘blogger’, but this can have some mixed connotations.  Some people love the title, others do anything to avoid it, and everyone seems to have a different definition of what it is.  So I thought why not go the technical route and ask google some questions.  What are the most popular results when we ask google about blogging!

 Apparently, blogging is dead.  Has it passed it’s peak?  It’s defiantly gone mainstream but I don’t think it is any way dead.  In fact I think the wider world is just really starting to tune in!  I would agree that it’s fun, and at times it is hard work, but racing?!?

This is actually the funniest!  We are annoying stupid idiots who are defiantly not journalists!  Glad we go that clear!

Bloggers do it better, obviously!  Apparently we need sweatshirts to let everyone know, and who wouldn’t want to see bloggers cute dogs?

Well, so far, I haven’t made a cent, and I’m not trying to.  Some people are lucky enough to make this their jobs, but that’s only a few.  If your starting a blog to make money your probably in it for the wrong reasons.

I think this shows the biggest change in the way blogs can be used.  Most businesses now have blogs and this has become a popular marketing tool, I don’t think may people would have predicted this.
So there you have it.  What is blogging to you?  And what makes a blogger?
Kariss xx


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