Kawaii Animal Ear Hair Accessories

This post has a strange name, but what else could I call it?  I have a major love of anything cute, or kawaii as the Japanese say, and for some reason I haven’t shared this with you as much as I would like.  After my Crown and Glory wish list post last week I figured this is as good a time as any to share with you my current collection of cute animal ear headbands! These don’t even include my Disney World ones, maybe that’s one for another post!
Going left to right, lets start with these lace cat ears are from Topshop.  I don’t remember how much they were but I know they seemed very expensive for what they are at the time.  I was working in Hull and kept staring at them longingly when I rushed past the shop on my lunch break, so in the end I decided to treat myself and picked them up as my ‘fancy’ pair.  Because everyone needs a posh pair of cat ears to wear on a big night out right?
These pink and white candy stripped bunny ears are a sort of cheat.  I picked them up from Poundland on a whim and they are actually supposed to look like a bow, but because they are made from wire I refashioned them to look like bunny ears!  Not my favourite pair but not bad for a pound!

Yet another Poundland find.  These are small mouse style ears decorated black bead, which I obviously only picked up because they look kind of like Mickey Mouse ears!
Once more, this is a Poundland find!  These diamond style kitty ears are really popular in Japan and have been really big this last year or so, and I’ve wanted some for a while.  So I was really happy when I picked up these cheap versions after scouring the net!  Who would have thought Poundland was such a good place for hair accessories!

These Hello Kitty ears are from Clare’s Accessories and are defiantly my most worn pair.  When I lived in Lincoln I wore these on nights out almost every week, and wore them for just running into town.  A few times I even wore them to work!  I couldn’t get away with that now, I guess they are my signature pair!
These pink mouse ears are from Asda Living, I bought them because at the time they matched my pink hair perfectly!  I still love them even with my red hair because they are just so cute!
These are so hard to photograph!  I bought these for my goth nights, they are clear kitty ears that react to UV light so perfect for my cyber goth gear.
Guess what?  These are yet another Poundland find!  These are flat minnie mouse ears that I haven’t got round to wearing yet, but I’m a sucker for anything Disney.
These purple and black clip in cat ears I picked up at Resistanz festival this year, and are another perfect edition for my goth nights.  These are made of latex and happen to match almost exactly to a latex outfit I bought a couple of months ago. 
I used to wear these headbands all the time, almost everyday, but since moving back to my home town I’ve stopped.  I feel like I can wear them less here because people are more judgmental, but maybe this will give me the push to rock them again!
Which are your favourite pair?

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