#LushChristmas Launch at Lush Spa Leeds

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Lush Christmas launch at the Leeds store, yes, that’s the shop next to the Lush spa (it’s a dream of mine to have a Lush spa treatment!)  This was the first event I’ve ever been to with a guest list!  The staff did a great job of making us all feel special and showing us around.  There were amazing drinks and cakes available and the whole store looked and smelt absolutely amazing.  Coming in from the cold Leeds night into this brightly lit store really did make me feel cosy and ready for Christmas.  Every surface was covered in colour and the beauty that is the new Christmas collection.  The Lush staff were super friendly and busily showing everyone the bath bombs, soaps, skin care and much more.  
Lush’s christmas gift range this year is split into 3 different themes, and of course they are uniquly Lush.  The themes are, Story Telling (inspired by Hans Christian Andersen) City of Gold (inspired by the Beyond El Dorado exhibition at the British Museum, with a focus on the extravagant) and lastly, German Techno Nordic Pop (inspired by the West End production of Charlie and the Chocolate factory).  All the gift boxes are stunning to look at, the kind of boxes you would keep even when they’re empty, and that’s before you even look inside.  The back story and attention to detail with these boxes are miles ahead of anything else you would find on the high street.
So I’ll share with you a couple of the products I’d love to find under my tree this year.  First of all the Butterbear is cute and so soft and nourishing, it reminds me of my favourite Floating Island bath melt that always leaves me feeling amazingly silky.  The Luxury Lush Pud has so many different colours hidden inside, it makes me feel like an excited child at bath time!  The Holly Golightly bath melt looks and smells like a traditional christmas treat, I can definitely see this being popular for a Christmas Eve soak.  The Baked Alaska soap bars look like pure fun and it smells really refreshing, and is good for your skin to boot, and as a huge fan of marzipan Snowcake soap is a returning favourite.  Snow Angel continues this marzipan theme with a beautiful golden glitter shimmer that just screams luxury!  The Do you Want to Build a Snowman kit is part of the FUN range and I am adding it to my shopping basket as we speak!  If you don’t know about the FUN range imagine Playdoh, that you can wash yourself with, and of course this one is carrot scented!  Lastly onto shower gels and Hot Toddy might be one of my favourite ever scents, perfect for winter and the Snowman Jelly looks like your average shower jelly in the tub, but tip it out and your in for a surprise!
I will get a chance to test a few of these out as Lush were kind enough to give me the Santa Claus is Coming to Town gift box to try out, in my own Leeds Lush Spa tote bag!  I will be doing a post on this box in the next few weeks, so don’t forget to check back!
What’s your favourite product from Lush’s Christmas collection?  

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