Shaking up my love of a lie in with the #EarlybirdChallenge*

For anyone who knows me, you will know I am defiantly not a morning person.  I love my bed, and as soon as the weekend is near I am looking forward to turning my alarm off and having a good old chill out in bed.  So when I was asked by Free Office Finder to be part of their #EarlybirdChallange I knew this would be a good time to give myself a kick in the butt, fight my lazy urges and really seize the whole day.
I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful countryside so this was the perfect chance to get up early and go for a walk, just as the sun was up.  It was a typical crisp autumnal day which started off very misty but slowly brightened up throughout my walk.  The good thing about having a dog is that you are forced to get out of the house, even on the days when its a little cooler outside.  If there was one person who was happy about me getting up early it was Willow, she was over the moon about going for a morning walk instead of her giving me puppy dog eyes until lunch!
The best thing about hitting the countryside so early was getting to see the mist lifting from the fields, you could actually see it and it was really beautiful.  At the end of all that I even had chance to get home in time for a cup of tea with the whole day ahead of me!  Thank you to Free Office Finder for motivating me to make the most of the mornings, what motivates you in the morning?
Kariss xx
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