Vintage Inspired Winter Coat Wish List

Phew this title is a bit of a mouthful isn’t it?  The colder weather is setting in fast and as you may have seen from my Collectif Wish list I am on the hunt for something to keep me warm as the nights draw in.  Winter coats are usually a big investment, my current Hell Bunny Mika Coat I’ve had for around 5 years now, possibly more, and although I’m reluctant to part with it, it has seen better days.  The bear ears on this coat might remind you of my last animal ear accessories post and I this was defiantly one of the reasons I’ve bought this coat, that and it’s so warm it’s like wearing a blanket!  I am not a fan of winter and the cold so anything that can keep my toasty is top priority, so here is what I have managed to narrow down.
I feel like I need to point out that I am in no way sponsored by Hell Bunny!  I know they come up on my blog a lot and most of these coats are from them simply because they always manage to catch my eye!  Starting with this Hell Bunny Millie Coat which comes in 4 beautiful colours, all of which I love!  The hardest part is picking which one!  Next the Hell Bunny Coleen Coat is the most vintage in style and looks timelessly classic in black.  The Hell Bunny Shonna coat has a luxurious looking black fur collar which really adds an element of glam to any winter coat, and makes it extra warm of course!
On to the second row and the only coat that isn’t by Hell Bunny is this green coat by Banned Clothing.  The colour and collar of this coat really help it to look like a real vintage coat, and the colour is a real stand out.  The Hell Bunny Sofia coat looks almost little red ridding hood inspired, perfect for a traditional feel!  Last but not least this Hell Bunny Sarah Jane coat looks super cosy with its fur trim and big hood, essential for out wet winters.
It’s a couple of weeks until pay day so I’ve got a little while to decide, I’d love to know what you think?  At the moment I am swaying towards the green Banned Clothing coat or the Hell Bunny Mika Coat in navy or grey.  If you know any other vintage inspired coats let me know!
Kariss xx

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