Alternative and rockabilly Black Friday sales!

Black Friday is still relatively unknown in the UK, in fact last year was the first time I had ever heard of it.  It is now picking up momentum over here but, it does still mostly only exist online, and if like me you like your fashion a little less high street it can be an up hill battle (with shopping bags, in the rain!).  I have been taking note of all my favourite shops that are offering Black Friday deals and thought I’d share them with you and help spread some love!  
You might remember from my post about the bargains I picked up on Black Friday/ Cyber Monday last year that Cyberdog was one of the first places I headed to.  This year will be no exception, they are offering a wopping 25% off everything!  I already have some items in my basket waiting from the magic button to be pressed… 
You will know from my recent Collectif wish list that there is always something I want from this brand, and since that post they have added some incredible A/W stock.  They are not the cheapest brand but the quality is amazing so I would invest now!  They are offering 20% off everything online, including sale items.
Tiger Milly are offering 10% off everything online which if I’m totally honest, doesn’t bowl me over.  However if, like me, you are into your rockabilly/ 50s style clothing they have a great range of brands so the extra discount is a bonus.  I have just bought a Hell Bunny coat from this site though so I kind of wish I’d have waited!
Dollskill are offering a range of discounts across there entire sight and if I’m totally honest I kind of regret looking at it because I now have a basket full of dresses I can’t really afford!  The sale is great but I know I’ll get stung with a customs charge when it hits this side of the pond, which recently happened to me with a Hot Topic order!  I’m sure I looked on here recently and they had a UK site, anyone else remember this or am I loosing my mind?  Anyway, they have INCREDIBLE clothes that you can’t find anywhere else, and they even have make up brands like Lime Crime with some pretty decent discounts.  
Project Pinup are going to be adding 50% off their entire etsy store today!  They are a great independent accessories brand that gear towards alternative and geeky crowds, so be sure to go check them out and show them some support!  There’s a couple of Star Wars bows I have my eye on….
This is another Black Friday sale I took full advantage of last year!  Once more they are taking off between 10%-50% off there entire stock, so you really can get a great deal!  I really like the way they label the sale by discount on their website.  They are a brand I love and their shadows last forever so you can’t really go wrong, defiantly worth the money, and the pigment is out of this world!
Have you spotted any amazing Black Friday sales?  Comment and share the love!  Before my bank manager calls me up to cancel Christmas….


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