Distant World and comic book stores, my geeky weekend in London!

For a Yorkshire girl I sure do spend a lot of time in London!  In fact I’m there 3 weekends this month!  The first of these last weekend was slightly different, I headed down with my for a relaxed weekend of nerdyness and food!
I headed straight down after work on Friday and to meet with my sister to go see The Trials at Oscar Wilde at the Trafalgar Studio theatre.  This is one of my favourite theatres in London, as they do new work and more risky theatre which is more my style then a lot of the larger West End shows.  I am a huge fan of Oscar Wilde so I knew I was going to enjoy this.  After a rather stressful journey through London I got to the theatre JUST on time!  The play itself was enjoyable, it was based on the transcripts from the real Oscar Wilde trial so it satisfied the history nerd in me.  It did start off a little weak but picked up after that  If like me your an Oscar Wilde nerd it’s worth a watch, though it doesn’t add anything new.  If your not it’s safe to give this one a skip.
After this myself and my sister met with my boyfriend Harry for a wonder into Soho for a meal at Balans.  I have eaten here before and I always enjoy it and I had my first Pornstar Martini.  It’s open till around 2am, there is also a sister cafe which is open 24 hours, and I have to admit I’ve had a full sit down meal in there at 4am after a Soho night out.  I love that this is a thing you can do in London, I can’t imagine it would work near me!  If you ever end up in London on Halloween I highly recommend getting on the tube or walking around Soho.  There are many incredible costumes and such a great atmosphere!  It does feel quite magical!
The second day we headed towards Covent Garden for a quick look around the small Disney Store before heading towards the much larger Forbidden Planet.  I have never been to this store before and its a geeks heaven!  It’s huge!  The upstairs is filled with all kinds of geeky merchandise to cover your body and fill your house!  I wish it would have been closer to pay day, I could have spent £100s!  The downstairs is dedicated to my other love, books and comics.  I discovered that there was a new version of Tank Girl out that I’d somehow missed so I picked up every copy of that I could find.
From here we headed for bubble tea before hitting up Oxford street to yet another Disney Store, this time larger and much more impressive, before heading to Meat Liquor.  Look how smug I am to be stroking Sven!
I’d been to Meat Liquor before and loved it, and I knew that Harry would to.  Harry got a burger and I had chicken wings and we shared chilli cheese fries and it was amazing!  Just as good as I remembered and the atmosphere was great.  It is decorated in a really dar, dingy cool way which is great, but bad for instaraming your food!
Then once more it was a rush while we got ready for Distant Worlds at The Royal Albert Hall.  I got tickets for Harry for his birthday back in March and he is a huge fan of Final Fantasy, so it’s fair to say he’s been super excited!  For me I loved the opportunity to be in this beautiful historical venue, and beautiful it really is!  Inside it is stunning!  There was also lots of people cosplay and although I personally didn’t know the music, I still enjoyed it.
On Sunday we wanted a chilled day before getting the train back.  So we headed to Carnaby Street for milkshake and Philly cheese subs at The Dinner.  Suitably stuffed we then headed to Hamleys.  This has almost become a tradition heading towards christmas for us to spend a couple of hours in here, playing with toys before leaving empty handed.  Who needs to grow up!
So that was my weekend, what did you get up to?  If you have any ideas of where to visit in London, particularly if it’s a bit unusual, I’d love to hear about it.  I’ve got a busy month!

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